• Accumulation funds and funded defined benefit funds

    The person or provider holding the surchargeable contributions at the time the superannuation contributions surcharge is assessed needs to pay us the surcharge.

    If the provider is holding the contributions when they receive the surcharge assessment, the provider will pay the surcharge on their member's behalf.

    If the surchargeable contributions were transferred to another super provider before the original provider received a surcharge assessment, the original provider is not liable to pay the surcharge assessment. The transferee provider will be assessed to pay the surcharge.

    If the surchargeable contributions were paid to the member as a lump sum or pension before we issued the surcharge assessment, the member is assessed and is required to pay the surcharge.

    When we issue an assessment, it must be paid within one month. We may add a general interest charge to late payments.

    Further Information

    For more information on the general interest charge, refer to General interest charge - fact sheet.

    If a provider receives an assessment, and no longer holds the individual's surchargeable contributions, they should send us a Superannuation assessment variation advice statement (AVA) (NAT 2626).

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