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  • Notify us of changes

    As a trustee of an SMSF, you need to notify us within 28 days if there is a change in:

    • trustees
    • directors of the corporate trustee
    • members
    • contact details (contact person, phone and fax numbers)
    • address (postal, registered or address for service of fund notices)
    • change in fund status.

    You can update the details of your SMSF:

    You can't use the SMSF annual return to tell us about a change in the structure of your SMSF.

    Keeping within the definition of an SMSF

    As a trustee you need to ensure your fund always stays within the legal definition of an SMSF. There are penalties for falling outside of the definition.

    If your SMSF no longer meets the definition of an SMSF, it may eventually be regulated by APRA. We will help you though this process to the extent we are able to. Our actions could include:

    • working with you to restructure your fund to meet the definition of an SMSF
    • giving you 6 months for your SMSF to become licensed and move to being an APRA regulated fund
    • making your fund non-complying
    • allowing your fund to wind up and rollover the balance to another complying super fund.
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