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  • Investments

    Separation of assets

    SMSF assets must be kept separate from your personal or business assets. Learn more about how to protect your fund's assets.


    Loans and early access

    Some people mistakenly think that an SMSF can provide them with a loan or they can access their super whenever they like. This is not the case. Watch this video for more information.


    SMSF – related party transactions

    Can your SMSF have transactions with related parties? This video will help you understand the rules and the pitfalls.


    Arm’s length

    Are you conducting your SMSF’s transactions at arm’s length? If you aren’t sure, watch this video and learn more about what this means.


    Borrowing and limited recourse borrowing arrangements

    Can your SMSF borrow to buy an asset? Watch these case studies to learn more.


    Business real property

    What is business real property and can your SMSF invest in it?

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