Related parties and relatives

Several investment restrictions apply to transactions involving 'related parties' of your fund and 'relatives of members'. No one associated with your fund should get a present-day benefit from its investments.

Your fund needs to be maintained for the sole purpose of providing death or retirement benefits to your members or their dependants.


Duration 03:01. A transcript of SMSF – related party transactions is also available.

A 'related party' of your fund includes:

  • all members of your fund
  • associates of fund members, which include
    • the relatives of each member
    • the business partners of each member
    • any spouse or child of those business partners
    • any company the member or their associates control or influence
    • any trust the member or their associates control.
  • standard employer–sponsors, which are employers who contribute to your super fund for the benefit of a member, under an arrangement between the employer and a trustee of your fund
  • associates of standard employer–sponsors, which include
    • business partners and companies or trusts the employer controls (either alone or with their other associates)
    • companies and trusts that control the employer.

A relative of a member means any of the following:

  • a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, lineal descendant or adopted child of the member or their spouse
  • a spouse of any individual specified above.
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