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  • Gateway network

    The Gateway Network Governance Body Ltd (GNGB) was established in 2016 as a superannuation industry owned, not-for-profit organisation.

    They operate a Memorandum of Understanding made with Gateway Operators in the superannuation industry.

    The GNGB has taken over the stewardship role which was previously held by us. We only act as an observer and are not a member of the GNGB.

    The GNGB manages the integrity of the superannuation transaction network (STN), undertaking initiatives to promote its efficiency and effectiveness.

    The STN's role involves:

    • monitoring compliance with the SuperStream Data and Payment Standard (the Standard)
    • managing new entrants to the network
    • engaging with key stakeholders in government and industry.

    The STN ensures this data exchange occurs in a reliable, efficient and secure manner.

    To be eligible to send or receive SuperStream messages via the STN, gateway operators must be accredited.  

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    Gateway operators

    Gateway operators facilitate the transfer of electronic data messages compliant with the SuperStream Data and the Standard – for example, an employer sending information about super contributions for an employee to their super fund.

    All gateway operator candidates are required to complete interoperability testing to demonstrate they have the technical capability to operate in the network.

    The current accredited gateway operators are:

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