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  • SuperMatch

    SuperMatch provides information to help funds consolidate accounts for their members.

    Access to the SuperMatch service is restricted to the following superannuation entities, that have either built or purchased SBR-certified, SuperMatch-enabled software:

    • APRA-regulated funds excluding Small APRA funds
    • Approved Deposit Funds
    • Retirement Savings Account (RSA) providers.

    SuperMatch responds to requests via a web service for both single or batch requests.

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    Conditions of use

    Use of the service signifies that you accept the terms and conditions about how you use the service, and the information provided by the service. The SuperMatch terms and conditions prohibit integration into any external service you provide to your members or their representatives. You will lose your access if you breach this condition.

    We will consider waiving this constraint to a trustee that elects to undertake the self-certification requirements outlined in the SuperMatch User Guide.

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    You can't integrate SuperMatch with other services, such as SuperTICK or MAAS. Combining these services ensures that SuperMatch always returns a successful result. This increases the risk of fraud, as a search may potentially be submitted without an individual's explicit consent to use their TFN. For the same reason, you can't use ATO-provided TFNs to correct the TFNs provided by prospective members.

    What SuperMatch provides

    SuperMatch can provide a list of super fund memberships, including lost member accounts and any ATO-held monies belonging to your existing members or individuals who are joining your fund. It provides information about:

    • all member accounts, including new accounts reported to us via SuperTICK (excluding closed accounts and those in pension phase)
    • all categories of ATO-held super, including    
      • super guarantee amounts we hold
      • amounts we hold in superannuation holding accounts (active and inactive)
      • super co-contribution amounts we hold
      • low income super contribution (LISC) amounts we hold
      • low income superannuation tax offset (LISTO) amounts we hold
      • unclaimed superannuation money amounts we hold (resident and former temporary resident).

    SuperMatch responses

    Responses include:

    • a matching response (whether the TFN matched or not)
    • a no response if no membership or ATO-held super were found

    Where information was found, the following will be returned:

    • the name of the super fund
    • the unique superannuation identifier (USI)
    • the Australian business number (ABN) of the super fund
    • the member account number
    • the member identifier (if present)
    • the full name of the member
    • the TFN of the member
    • if the provider accepts government contributions on behalf of the member
    • an insurance indicator Y/N (not for new member accounts)
    • a defined benefit indicator Y/N (not for new member accounts)
    • if inward rollovers are accepted Y/N
    • the activity status of the account
    • Y indicators if the ATO held super
    • account balances.

    Explicit consent from members and individuals

    You must obtain explicit consent from a member or individual joining the fund before conducting a SuperMatch search. When obtaining a member's consent, we recommend providing clear guidance so they understand what they are consenting to.

    You must inform them of the use of their TFN and if you will be automatically transferring any found ATO-held monies.

    Where consent is stored for bulk or annual searches on behalf of an individual, you must inform them of the details involved in the storing of consent and how they can withdraw their consent in the future, should they choose to do so.

    If requested, you can transfer all types of ATO-held super.

    Some accounts cannot be auto-consolidated into your members’ super fund. The individual will need to contact the ATO to claim amounts from these categories:

    • Superannuation holding account (SHA) inactive
    • Unclaimed superannuation monies – temporary residents.

    Consolidation and transfers

    You should note that SuperMatch is not a consolidation service. Rather, its intention is to provide an individual with information to assist in any decision to consolidate their active superannuation accounts.

    An individual's explicit consent to conduct a SuperMatch search and transfer any ATO held super is not a consent to consolidate active accounts from other funds. Any consolidation initiated by a member following a SuperMatch search is a new interaction, and trustees must have procedures in place to safeguard the integrity of the consolidation activities of the member.

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