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  • Help

    Prompts and help are available throughout the system. Detailed help, relevant to the action you are performing, is available by selecting the Help button.

    The Help button is not available on the agent home page.

    See the following image for an example of Help.

    Image of the expanded Help menu within the system. It shows a lists help with this topic. Each question has a drop-down menu to get detailed information. To access, select the Help ? icon.

    Multiple windows and tabs

    You can open multiple tabs or windows in the system to action more than one client or report at a time.

    To open another window or tab right click on a menu item and select Open link in a new window or Open link in a new tab.

    See the following image for how to open a new window or tab.

    Image of the open menu view with the selections. To select the 'Open link in a new window' right click on a menu in the system.


    A Print friendly version option is available in the system on screens and reports that can be printed.

    This is the recommended printing option, where available, to ensure information is printed correctly.

    From a print friendly version you will also have the option to save a copy.

    If a print friendly version is not available you can use your web browser print option. This will print information to the scale of the screen you are you are viewing.

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