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  • Search

    You can search for a client on your client list using a wide range of identifiers including TFN, ABN, WPN, EIN or client name.

    To do a quick search

    The search field is in the top right corner of your screen. To search with:

    • an identifier – type the full TFN, ABN, WPN or EIN then enter to go to their Client summary
    • a client or entity name – use the first three or more characters of any word within the name, such as part of the non-individual name or the individual's first, middle or last name. Predictive text will show results after you type three characters and then refine the search results as more characters are entered. Select the client to go to their Client summary or enter to go to Advanced search to further refine the search.

    Predictive search

    • Starts after you have entered three or more characters.
    • Displays up to 10 matches. To see all matches, use the scroll bar in the list.
    • If you press enter you will go to Advanced search. To go directly to a client in the quick search field select the client.
    • You may be taken to Advanced search when you select a client, if there are numerous clients with that name.

    Advanced search

    You can select Advanced search under the search field in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

    In Advanced search you can:

    • search using the client's first name, surname or entity name
    • select View all my clients to view your client list – you can also click the View client list link under search or a quick link to view your whole client list
    • filter by one or more  
      • Relationship – select All or Payroll only clients
      • Entity type – select Individual, Company, Partnership, Trust, Government or Super fund
      • Tax product – select Activity statement, Income tax, Fringe benefits tax or Excise
      • Communication type – select Activity statement lodgments, Income tax, Activity statement related, Study and Training support loans, Superannuation, Debt or Employer and Business obligations.
    • select Search to view the search results
    • select 10, 25, 50 or 100 from Results per page drop-down menu. This page will default to your last selection. For example, if you select 100 clients per page the system will default to display 100 until you change it.
    • select the Favourite star to add or remove from your favourite client list
    • select the client's identifier to go to their Client summary
    • select Download if you have Client list – bulk download permission in Access Manager to print or save the search results as a HTML or CSV. You can use the download function for filtered results.
    • if you have more than 3,500 clients you will need to download clients into separate lists using the following filters    
      • Relationship
      • Entity type
      • Tax product
    • save each file separately or combine into one file
    • after applying the filters, if you still have more than 3,500 clients, the list won't download. You will need to contact us to request a copy of your client list.

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