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  • Reports and forms

    Find out how to access, view and lodge functions within the Reports and forms menu.

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    You can access most pre-fill, on demand and pre-generated reports.

    To view reports available to you:

    • select Reports and forms then Reports
    • scroll to the relevant report type                      
      • Pre-filled reports for the financial year
      • Pre-generated reports
      • On demand reports
    • select the relevant report from the list. For certain reports you may need to enter additional identifiers or use predictive search to generate and review the report
    • income tax lodgment status on demand report can be filtered by                      
      • All clients
      • Not lodged
      • Lodged
      • Not necessary
    • To view a list of your clients with outstanding activity statements select the Outstanding activity statements (current + previous 3 years) then select Request.

    The time it takes for the report to be available depends on number of outstanding activity statements. Select Help button for more information.

    The following reports are not available:

    • YTD excise revenue product summary report (2015–17)
    • correspondence preference report
    • mass marketed scheme investors list (6 June 2003)
    • senior Australian tax offset (April 2002).

    File transfer

    From this function you can lodge and view a range of reports and files.

    You can send large files or send multiple files as a single compressed file and you can test the file for errors before lodging.

    See Supported files for a list of reports you can lodge.

    Note: Only files that have been prepared and generated from software in a format and version supported by our systems will be accepted. Scanned images of forms, screen prints, spreadsheets or word processing files are not accepted.

    To view reports or files:

    • select Reports and forms then File transfer                      
      • the date received, supplier ABN, file name and status of your submitted files will display
    • to view a list of the reports and files you have permissions for select the drop-down menu next to What files can I lodge here?
    • select Filter to refine by                      
      • date range
      • file type
      • file name
      • supplier ABN
      • status
      • ATO reference.

    To submit a report or file:

    • select Reports and forms then File transfer
    • select Lodge
    • select Test or Lodge
    • select Attach, and browse to find the file to submit
    • select if you want to be notified by email when the validation report is available. If so, enter your preferred email address
    • select the Declaration to lodge a report. This option is only available for reports.
    • select Submit.

    When a file is submitted, it is validated for compatibility and file content. A summary of the file or report submitted, including any errors or warnings will be available. To view this validation report:

    • select Reports and forms then File transfer
    • select the drop-down menu next to the lodged file in Reports
    • select the link to download the validation report
    • review the validation report and correct the file or report before re-submitting.


    To view forms relevant to your practice:

    • select Reports and forms then Forms
    • select the relevant form                      
      • Lodgment deferral
      • Request for replacement cheque form
      • Tax practitioner complaints
      • Private ruling application
      • Lodge an objection
      • Submit further information for lodged private ruling or objection
      • Choosing to pay an annual pay as you go (PAYG) instalment
    • enter the required information select the Declaration, if required, and then Submit
    • to submit another form from the confirmation screen, select Return to forms.

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