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  • Reports

    Find out how to view reports, complete pre-filled and pre-generated reports and do on-demand reporting.

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    Viewing reports

    You can access most pre-filled, pre-generated and on demand reports.

    To view reports available to you:

    • select Reports and forms then Reports
    • scroll to the relevant report type      
      • Pre-filled reports for the financial year
      • Pre-generated reports
      • On demand reports 
    • select the relevant report from the list. For certain reports you may need to enter additional identifiers or use predictive search to generate and review the report.

    Pre-filled and pre-generated reports

    The reports provide current and historical information that's regularly updated.

    The reports available are:

    • pre-fill reports for current year and previous financial years, refer to Pre-filling reports for more information
    • Client account running balance report
    • Family trust elections (FTE) & Interposed entity elections (IEE) report
    • PAYG Instalments report for the current year and 2 previous years
    • Year to date interest summary report for the current year and 2 previous years
    • Year to date revenue product summary report for the current year and 2 previous years.

    More information about each report is available in the Help content within Online services for agents.

    On demand reports

    The on demand reports can be generated as needed. The client information in the report will be current as at the time of request.

    ‘Download’ status will display when the report is available to be downloaded. Reports may not be available until the following day. The reports are available for 7 days from the request time. After 7 days have passed the report status will change to ‘Failed time out’ and the report will need to be re-ordered.

    The reports can be downloaded and filtered to suit your information needs.

    You can also watch our videos on:

    Income tax lodgment status report (current year plus previous 3 years)

    When the report request has been successfully completed a download hyperlink will be displayed. You can filter the report by the following before downloading:

    • All clients
    • Not lodged
    • Lodged
    • Not necessary.
    The report displays this information



    Tax file number

    Client identifier

    Client type

    Entity type, for example, company or superannuation fund

    Client name

    Entity name

    Substituted accounting period (SAP)

    The end month of the client’s reporting year, e.g. 31 December – Early Balancer, 31 August – Late Balancer

    Lodgment code

    Lodgment channel, e.g. digital, paper or blank if not lodged or lodgment isn't required

    Current year status

    Lodgment status of the return, i.e. received, not received, return not necessary or lodgment status unavailable

    Due date

    Lodgment due date for the current year

    Flexible lodgment eligibility current year

    ‘Y’ if Disaster Support arrangements are applicable to the return

    Status for each of 3 previous years

    Lodgment status of each return

    Flexible lodgment eligibility for each of the 3 previous years

    ‘Y’ if Disaster Support arrangements apply to the return

    Last year lodged

    The last year an income tax lodgment was received.

    Outstanding activity statement report (current and previous 3 years)

    The Outstanding activity statement report:

    • will display one activity statement requiring action per line. As a result, a client may have multiple lines on the report.
    • will display activity statement forms N, R, S or T as outstanding or new until the due date has passed, even if payment has already been made. These activity statements don't need to be lodged unless there are variations to the pre-calculated amounts.
    • provides tax agents with visibility of      
      • all their clients with an activity statement obligation where the tax agent is authorised at the Client, Integrated Client or GST Joint Venture account level.
      • the registered agent number of the tax or BAS agent where another agent has an authorisation for the client’s Integrated Client or GST Joint Venture account
    • provides BAS agents with visibility of all their clients with an activity statement obligation where the BAS agent is authorised at the Integrated Client or GST Joint Venture account level.
    The report shows this information



    Client name

    Entity name

    Client type

    Entity type, e.g. company or superannuation fund

    Australian business number

    Client identifier

    Client account number

    Activity statement account number

    Client account type

    Integrated client account or GST Joint Venture account

    Client account status

    Status of the account type, e.g. active


    The registered agent number linked to the account


    Tax file number


    Withholder payer number if the entity isn't eligible for an ABN and has PAYG withholding obligations


    Client, Practice or No preferences set

    Delivery channel

    ECI (digital), Paper or myGov

    Activity statement frequency

    Annually, monthly or quarterly


    The unique document identification number for the activity statement


    New or held

    Hold reason

    Reason activity statement has been held, if applicable.

    HDEF – deferred imports data

    HIAC – incorrect address code

    HOBG – obligation data error

    HREG – registration data error

    HUNT – untraceable


    Form type, e.g. annual GST return, business activity statement, quarterly PAYG instalment notice


    Form name, e.g. Form A, Form R

    PAYG and/or GST instalment amount

    ATO calculated instalment amount for forms R, S and T

    Period start date

    Start date of activity statement period

    Period end date

    End date of activity statement period

    Due date

    Legislative concessional or deferred lodgment due date of form


    Active or blank for each role type, i.e. for GST, PAYGI, FTC, FBT, DGST, WET, LCT

    Flexible lodgment eligibility

    ‘Y’ if Disaster Support arrangements are applicable to the form

    Account balance

    Activity statement account balance at the time of report request

    Payment reference number

    Unique payment reference number for the account type

    Email address

    Account email address

    Postal address

    Account postal address

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