GST at settlement – getting it right

19 March 2019

Since the introduction of GST at settlement, we have noticed some common errors made on forms submitted by property purchasers. Check your clients understand their responsibilities for purchasing or supplying property, and help them get it right.

New industries entering the taxable payments reporting system

19 March 2019

For the 2019–20 financial year onwards, businesses providing road freight, information technology (IT), security, investigation or surveillance services are legislated to report contractor payments in the taxable payments reporting system. If your clients provide these services, they need to keep records of their payments to contractors, and complete a Taxable payments annual report.

System availability report and targets

19 March 2019

We’ve developed service availability targets, and will report on the performance of six of our key systems against these targets each month.

Tax changes for individuals

18 March 2019

In the 2018–19 Federal budget, the Australian Government introduced a number of new tax measures to support Australian individuals as part of the Personal Income Tax Plan. Find out what they mean for your individual clients, and let your clients know what to expect.

GST at settlement – suppliers to report sales

12 March 2019

We have noticed a number of errors in the reporting of property sales in activity statements. Check your clients are correctly reporting property sales and GST credits, and amend incorrect activity statements if necessary.

Too good to be true?

12 March 2019

Help your clients recognise the signs of a dodgy tax scheme and let them know what to do it they come across one.

Last chance to request ELS reports

11 March 2019

From 31 March 2019 the practitioner lodgment service (PLS) will be your main electronic lodgment channel. If you require unsolicited reports from the electronic lodgment service (ELS), request them by 22 March 2019.

ESST transitional period ending soon

11 March 2019

Electronic sales suppression tools (ESSTs) used to facilitate tax evasion were banned in 2018. Let your clients know what they need to do before the transitional period ends.

What to do when your client has a tax debt

5 March 2019

With more than 74% of individuals and 95% of businesses using the services of a tax professional, at some stage it's likely you will have clients who find themselves with a tax debt. We have created a fact sheet and new web content to provide clarity and improve visibility of how we deal with debt.

Report all business income

5 March 2019

It is important to report all sources of business income on your client’s tax returns. Let your clients know what counts as income to ensure they report correctly.