Available now: director ID application

2 November 2021

Your clients can now apply for their director identification number (director ID). From 1 November 2021, new directors have a set period to apply.

Plan ahead for system maintenance

25 October 2021

Most of our system maintenance is scheduled months in advance. We recommend familiarising yourself with these dates and times on our systems maintenance page in order to plan ahead.

Fuel tax credit Taxpayer Alert released

20 September 2021

Taxpayer Alert TA 2021/3 outlines our concerns with marketers and tax professionals promoting global positioning system technology that can result in fuel tax credit overclaims.

Focus on CGT asset disposals

26 August 2021

We are paying close attention to capital gains made on shares, property and cryptocurrency. Remind your clients to report asset disposals to help get their capital gains tax (CGT) right.