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  • Help with your lodgment program

    How we can help if you, your practice or clients are having difficulty lodging on time for reasons beyond your control.

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    How we can help

    How we can help depends on whether the difficulties relate to you, your practice, or your clients. These reasons must be in line with PS LA 2011/15 Lodgment obligations, due dates and deferrals.

    We consider your individual circumstances, such as:

    • serious illness within your practice or family
    • sudden and unexpected staff changes
    • natural or other disasters
    • significant system issues, either with our online services or your business system.

    We may recommend tailored support for your practice through the Supported lodgment program if your practice or operations have been significantly disrupted.

    Lodgment deferral support

    If you or your clients are experiencing exceptional or unforeseen circumstances that affect your ability to lodge by a due date, lodgment program deferrals may be able to help.

    They provide additional time to lodge without incurring a failure to lodge on time (FTL) penalty.

    You can request one or multiple deferrals at a time using the lodgment deferral function in Online services for agents. It populates data for you and allows you to view requests you've submitted in the last 90 days. 

    Your request will be processed within 48 hours if it meets the agent assessed or new or re-engaged client deferral guidelines.

    Tailored support for your practice

    If the problems you are experiencing are affecting your whole practice, you can request a supported lodgment program. We will work with you to tailor solutions and help you get your lodgment program back on track.

    The supported lodgment program is designed to help practices of all sizes when they need additional time to lodge a large proportion of their clients' obligations.

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