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  • Managing your client list

    You can use Online services for agents, the Tax Agent Portal, BAS Agent Portal, or practitioner lodgment service (PLS) to perform a number of useful functions to manage your client lists and lodgment obligations.

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    Adding and removing clients

    For information about adding a client and how to remove a client from your practice list, including the details you need to update so we no longer contact you about the client, refer to:

    Clients who do not have an obligation to lodge – registered tax agents

    You can use the Tax Agent Portal or PLS client update transaction to advise us about a return not necessary (RNN) for a specific year or further returns not necessary (FRNN) for tax returns for all future years. You can also use Online services for agents to lodge a non-lodgment advice for your eligible individual clients.

    Lodging an FRNN advice will not remove the registered agent number from the client's records.

    You cannot lodge an RNN for regulated super funds as it is compulsory for this entity type to lodge a fund tax return unless it was wound up in a prior year. This function is unavailable in Online services for agents, PLS and the Tax Agent Portal to ensure that, if lodgment does not occur, we will take compliance action.

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    Lodgment status reports

    You can download various reports to help with your clients' lodgment obligations:

    • Practitioner lodgment service   
      • Income Tax lodgment status service
      • Activity Statement lodgment report.
    • The Income tax lodgment status report provides a client list showing the lodgment status for each client for the current financial year and three previous years and is only available in the Tax Agent PortalExternal Link.
    • The Outstanding activity statement report lists all unlodged activity statements for your clients for the last three years and is available in both the Tax Agent Portal and BAS Agent Portal.

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    Filtering portal lodgment reports

    You can manipulate Tax Agent Portal and BAS Agent Portal client lists using Excel or other spreadsheet applications to help identify certain client groups.

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    Accessing client lists in PLS

    You can obtain reports through the PLS, including client lists and due lodgment reports.

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    • Practitioner lodgment service – Reports.
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