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  • Cash flow coaching kit

    The cash flow coaching kit is a practical resource that complements the knowledge and expertise of tax professionals. It provides a framework for value-added business coaching conversations with small business clients.

    Through coaching conversations, small businesses can benefit from the simple and practical tools in the kit to quickly gain:

    • a better understanding of the health of their business
    • a practical understanding of the importance of planning, budgeting, funding and tracking business performance
    • a better understanding of how cash flows in and out of their business
    • practical ideas for change and actions to take to improve their cash flow.

    Research and evidence shows that cash flow problems continue to be a major issue for small businesses, for example:

    • almost half of small businesses are under financial pressure within the first year, and this increases in years two and three
    • 60% of small businesses cease operating within their first three to four years
    • 90% of small business failures are due to poor cash flow.

    The challenge is helping time-poor small businesses understand what they need to do to effectively manage their cash flow and meet their financial commitments.

    Tax professionals working in public practice with small business clients play an important role. They can help their clients to improve their cash flow and plan ahead to meet their financial commitments and regulatory obligations.


    We will be hosting webinars about the benefits of using the cash flow coaching kit. These are specifically for:

    • registered tax agents in public practice with small business clients
    • registered BAS agents in public practice with small business clients
    • qualified accountants working under the supervision or control of a registered agent in public practice with small business clients.

    If you would like to register for an upcoming session or learn more about the cash flow coaching kit, email

    Ordering a cash flow coaching kit

    You can order a paper based version of the cash flow coaching kit through our Publication Ordering ServiceExternal Link by searching for ‘Cash Flow Coaching Kit – Lite’ (NAT 75239-10.2019).

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