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  • Contacting us about insolvency

    There are several ways that insolvency practitioners can contact us about insolvency matters. You can submit your information on the Appointment or cessation of a representative of an incapacitated entity form online in the Business Portal, or by fax with a cover sheet. You can also phone us.

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    Secure messaging in the Business Portal

    We nominate the Business Portal as our preferred means to receive notices and documents required or permitted to be given under the:

    • Bankruptcy Act 1966
    • Bankruptcy Regulations 1996 regulation 16.01(1)(e)(i)
    • Corporations Act purpose and provisions listed in section 600G(1)
    • Corporations Regulations 2001 purpose and provisions listed in section 5.6.11A(1).

    You can contact us using the portal’s Mail function. You must have a myGovID linked to the practice's ABN in Relationship Authorisation Manager to access the Business Portal.

    To send us a secure message using the portal:

    • log in to the portal
    • from the left-hand menu select New message
    • select Insolvency from the available subjects
    • choose the appropriate sub-heading from the list and select Next
    • enter your message, click add to attach your documents
    • select Next to preview and send your message.

    You will receive a receipt identification number as confirmation that your correspondence has been received. A service standard of 28 days applies to correspondence you submit through the portal.

    Remember to save a copy of your message and the receipt ID for your own records.

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    Fax or mail

    When sending correspondence by fax or mail, first complete the Debt insolvency cover sheet and send with your form to us by:

    • fax to 1300 726 594
    • mail to

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 9003
    PENRITH  NSW  2740

    You must complete a separate cover sheet for each unrelated taxpayer request. Where correspondence concerns a group of related taxpayers, complete one cover sheet with details of only the principal or holding taxpayer.

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    Contacting us by phone

    To speak to us about insolvency matters, phone 1300 303 570 (using option 1) between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

    Before you contact us on behalf of a client, you must be nominated as your client's ATO representative and you must satisfy proof of identity requirements.

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