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25/09/2020JobKeeper extension key datesThe first JobKeeper Payment extension starts on 28 September and there are some key dates to keep in mind. Find out more.
25/09/2020Make your business contactable in an emergencyEmergency services and government agencies can use ABN details to provide help to your clients in times of emergency. Check your ABN details are current.
25/09/2020Preparing for a reviewEvidence you may need to gather to prepare for a Next 5,000 streamlined assurance review.
25/09/2020Updated PS LA 2020/1The Commissioner's discretion to allow further time for an entity to register for an ABN or provide notice of assessable income or supplies for the JobKeeper Payment or cash flow boost.
24/09/2020DeferralsIf you need more time to get ready for Single Touch Payroll reporting find out whether you can apply for a deferral.
24/09/2020ExemptionsInformation on the exemptions from Single Touch Payroll reporting that may apply to certain employers.
24/09/2020Inbound assigneesInformation about Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting concessions for entities with inbound assignees who are subject to a shadow payroll arrangement.
24/09/2020Micro employersInformation on the Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting concession for micro employers and their registered tax or BAS agent.
24/09/2020Not-for-profit clubs and associationsInformation on the reporting concession for micro employers who are not-for-profit clubs or associations.
24/09/2020Seasonal and intermittent employersInformation on the Single Touch Payroll quarterly reporting concession for seasonal and intermittent employers.
22/09/2020COVID-19 changes - excisable alcoholFind out how we are supporting businesses who are affected by COVID-19, as well as the excise implications of producing hand sanitiser or providing takeaway alcoholic beverages.
22/09/2020Excise equivalent goods (imports)This information has been refreshed. Imported alcohol, tobacco, fuel and petroleum products are known as excise equivalent goods (EEGs) and are subject to customs duty at a rate equivalent to excise duty. Businesses that import these products need to understand and meet their customs obligations
22/09/2020Excise on alcoholThis information has been refreshed. Businesses that manufacture, produce or store excisable alcohol in Australia need to understand and meet their excise obligations, including registration, licensing, lodgment, payment and record keeping.
22/09/2020Excise on fuel and petroleum productsThis information has been refreshed. Businesses that manufacture, produce or store excisable fuel and petroleum products in Australia need to understand and meet their excise obligations, including licensing, lodgment, payment and record keeping.
22/09/2020Excise on tobaccoThis information has been refreshed. Tobacco produced (grown), moved, stored or manufactured in Australia (for either personal or commercial use), is subject to the Excise Act 1901.
21/09/2020CRS reportingCommon Reporting Standard (CRS) reports must be lodged by 31 July each year in the approved CRS XML Schema format.
18/09/2020Hybrid mismatch rulesThe hybrid mismatch rules are intended to deter the use of hybrid mismatch arrangements.
17/09/2020JobKeeper Payment extended to 28 March 2021JobKeeper Payment has been extended until 28 March 2021, with upcoming changes to payment rates based on total hours worked during a reference period.
14/09/2020Eligible business participants for JobKeeperCheck if your business can claim the JobKeeper Payment for an eligible business participant.
14/09/2020Large business JobKeeper compliance updateWe remain committed to supporting large businesses receiving JobKeeper. If you've made an honest mistake or are experiencing difficulties, we will help fix the error and assist you.
14/09/2020New review for Top 1,000 taxpayersWe will be commencing our combined assurance program for Australia's Top 1,000 tax population.
11/09/2020Cash flow boost tax time essentialsThe essentials when lodging your return this tax time if you've received a cash flow boost.
11/09/2020Lodge your TPAR if your business has paid contractorsTPAR were due on 28 August, if you haven't lodged, we have resources available to help you.
10/09/2020Disclosure requirements in Question 49 of the International Dealings ScheduleEnsure your business is meeting disclosure requirements in the international dealings schedule (IDS) instructions, including full details in Question 49 of Section G Hybrid mismatches.
10/09/2020GST and newly built homesHere's what you need to know if you have built a new residential home and want to sell it or rent it out.
10/09/2020Top 1,000 combined assurance programWe assure the income tax and goods and services tax (GST) affairs of Australia's Top 1,000 population.
08/09/2020Superannuation guarantee amnestyThe super guarantee amnesty ended 7 September 2020. You will need to lodge a SG charge statement disclosing any unpaid super and pay the guarantee charge to us.
07/09/2020EligibilityRequirements must be met for each of the benefit categories under the PSO program before you can make a claim.
07/09/2020Getting it right for tax time 2020Information is available to help large businesses meet their tax and super obligations this tax time.
07/09/2020Instalment notices for GST and PAYG instalmentsFind out about when you'll receive a quarterly goods and services tax (GST) or pay as you go (PAYG) instalment notice instead of a business activity statement (BAS).