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17/10/2019GST information property is now easier to findWe've updated our GST property information to help make it easier to find what you need.
15/10/2019Common Reporting Standard (CRS) - User Guide for the Small Reporter ToolThis guide is to assist reporters to prepare a Common Reporting Standard (CRS) report using our Small Reporter Tool v1.0.
10/10/2019GST at settlement - a guide for purchasers and their representativesPurchasers of new residential premises or potential residential land are required to withhold an amount from the price of the supply for payment to the ATO.
10/10/2019GST at settlement - a guide for suppliers and their representativesSuppliers of new residential premises or potential residential land have certain tax obligations so they can receive their ATO GST property credits.
09/10/2019If you change your business structures, you may need to apply for a new ABNIf you are an individual, sole trader or in a partnership and changing your business structure you may need to cancel your ABN and apply for a new one.
09/10/2019Large private companies and corporate groups to lodge RTP schedules from 1 July 2020The expansion of the Reportable Tax Position (RTP) Schedule to include large private companies and corporate groups has been deferred until the 2020–21 financial year.
09/10/2019Stay smart online to avoid cybercrimeIt's stay smart online week and we are encouraging you to protect your business from cyber security threats.
08/10/2019Statement of tax recordBusinesses and first tier subcontractors tendering for Commonwealth Government contracts over $4 million need a statement of tax record (STR).
07/10/2019Working out if you have to pay superGenerally, if you pay an employee $450 or more (before tax) in a calendar month, you have to pay super guarantee (SG) on top of their wages.
03/10/2019Quarterly TFN/ABN ReportingInvestment bodies may need to lodge quarterly TFN/ABN reports to the ATO when they accept a new TFN or ABN quotation from an investor.
02/10/2019Draft Tax Determination 2019/D9 on commercial debt forgivenessWe are consulting on Draft TD 2019/D9 which provides the Commissioner’s view that a creditor must be a natural person to forgive a debt for reasons of natural love and affection.
02/10/2019Property developers: reporting requirements for NDECs and NNDECsProperty developers that use New Dwelling Exemption Certificates (NDEC) and Near-New Dwelling Exemption Certificates (NNDEC) to sell property to foreign persons need to report their sales to the ATO every six months.
27/09/2019Supporting your small businessWe offer a range of tools and services to support small business.
24/09/2019Have you lodged your TPAR?A reminder that TPAR was due on 28 August, so if you haven’t lodged it is now overdue. Plus, tips to avoid TPAR errors.
23/09/2019Draft ATO guidance on proposed estimates regime expansionProvide your feedback by 4 October on draft PCG 2019/D4 for the proposed expansion of the estimates regime to GST, LCT and WET.
20/09/2019Have you used the margin scheme correctly?Familiarise yourself with the margin scheme before selling property, to determine your eligibility to use the scheme and ensure the law is applied correctly.
18/09/2019Employee share trust TD 2019/D8 open for public consultationWe are consulting on draft Taxation Determination TD 2019/D8 which clarifies the requirements that must be met by a trust to qualify as an employee share trust for an employee share scheme.
18/09/2019GST changes for offshore suppliers of Australian accommodationFrom 1 July 2019, suppliers of Australian commercial accommodation must include GST in their sales if they meet the GST threshold.
18/09/2019Taxation Ruling TR 2019/4Taxation Ruling TR 2019/4: Income tax: capital allowances: expenditure incurred by a service provider in collecting and processing multi-client seismic data.