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17/11/2017Help and informationHelpful resources about low value imported goods and Australian GST.
15/11/2017Action collects $1.5 billion from large multinationalsAction collects $1.5 billion from large multinationals.
13/11/2017How e-Audits are changing the way we engage with clientsFind out how e-Audits deliver efficiencies and reduce disruption to your regular business activities.
13/11/2017Paradise Papers and the ATOATO information on the Paradise Papers and ICIJ leak – our investigation is ongoing.
13/11/2017Petroleum resource rent tax: update to PCG 2016/13Update to PCG 2016/13 Petroleum Resource Rent Tax – deductibility of general project expenditure and publishing of PSLA 2017/1 to determine the four-year amendment period.
13/11/2017Register for our Fringe Benefits Tax Webinar: Eat, drink and be merry!Register for our fringe benefits tax webinar Eat, drink and be merry If you’re an employer who provides food and drink to your employees and clients, join us for a free webinar on fringe benefits tax (FBT)
13/11/2017Reminder - Water Register stocktake period closes 30 NovemberIf you are a foreign person with investment in Australian water you may need to register your interests by 30 November.
08/11/2017Helping you stay on top of your taxHow businesses can work with us to pay their tax on time using a wide range of tools, prepay and self-serve payment options.
03/11/2017Applying the margin scheme to a property saleYou may be able to pay less GST on the sale of a property by applying the margin scheme.
30/10/2017International taxation of goods and services supplied to AustraliaIf you are a non-resident and make supplies of goods or services to consumers or GST-registered businesses in Australia, new goods and services tax (GST) rules apply to you.