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23/04/2019End-of-year finalisation through Single Touch PayrollIf you are reporting through Single Touch Payroll (STP), your end-of-financial-year processes will be different.
17/04/2019You're invited - GST at settlement webinarCome along to our free webinar about GST at settlement.
16/04/2019CRS reportingCommon Reporting Standard (CRS) reports must be lodged by 31 July each year and in the approved CRS XML Schema format.
15/04/2019Capital allowances: draft effective life of working dogsOpen for consultation: draft effective lives for working dogs have been released for comment.
12/04/2019Simpler depreciation for small businessYou can choose to use simplified depreciation rules if you are a small business entity.
12/04/2019Simplified depreciation - rules and calculationsThe detailed rules and how to calculate depreciation under the simplified depreciation rules for small businesses.
12/04/2019What's new for small businessSmall businesses have access to a range of tax concessions. This page summarises the latest changes to concessions available to small businesses.
10/04/2019New laws to improve super guarantee complianceInformation about recently Super Guarantee (SG) legislation designed to increase employer compliance, in an effort to protect employees' super entitlements.
09/04/2019Accessing your income statement or payment summary onlineThis page shows how employees can access their income statement, or payment summary information, online in myGov when their employer uses Single Touch Payroll (STP).
09/04/2019SG employer obligations courseThe Super guarantee employer obligations online course aims to educate employers about their super guarantee obligations.
09/04/2019Setting up your myGov accountEmployees can set up a myGov account and link to the ATO to access their tax and super information, including their income statements or payment summary information.
09/04/2019Single Touch Payroll - for employeesIf your employer reports through STP, they will send us your tax and super information each time they pay you. You will see some of the changes if your employer reports to us through STP.
09/04/2019Single Touch Payroll for employeesWhen employers report to us through Single Touch Payroll (STP), employees have year-to-date tax and super information available to them in ATO online services, accessed through myGov.
09/04/2019Super guarantee employer obligations courseThe ATO's super guarantee employer obligations online course helps employers understand their obligations to provide super for eligible employees.
09/04/2019What Single Touch Payroll means for employeesIf you are an employee and your employer reports to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll, there are some changes. You will see your year-to-date tax and super information in myGov as well as your income statements.
08/04/2019Approval of superannuation education coursesApply to have a super guarantee or cash flow management course included as an approved course to comply with an ATO education direction.
08/04/2019GST and supplies by charities for nominal consideration - benchmark market valuesSupplies by eligible organisations are GST-free if they are for nominal consideration. This information enables eligible organisations to make a comparison of the consideration received for a supply against benchmark market values to determine whether the supplies they make are for nominal consideration.
08/04/2019General purpose financial statementsA corporate tax entity that is a significant global entity with an Australian presence must give us a general purpose financial statement (GPFS).
08/04/2019Guidance on the provision of general purpose financial statementsSignificant global entities with an Australian presence must give us a general purpose financial statement (GPFS).
08/04/2019Transitional administration approach for GPFSThere was a transitional administrative approach for the first year that significant global entities are required to give the ATO a general purpose financial statement.
05/04/2019About privately owned and wealthy groupsPrivately owned and wealthy groups make a significant contribution to the Australian economy. Many take on a great deal of personal risk to build their businesses. They are diverse in terms of size, operating structure and industry.
05/04/2019BAS and GST tipsTips to help you prepare and lodge your business activity statement (BAS) and get your goods and services tax (GST) information right.
05/04/2019How we identify wealthy individuals and their businesses
05/04/2019The super guarantee charge (SGC)If you haven't met your obligations, you must lodge a superannuation guarantee charge statement by the due date and pay the super guarantee charge to us.
04/04/2019Draft effective life determinations: accommodation for the aged operation industry and retirement village operation industryOpen for consultation: draft effective lives for assets used in the accommodation for the aged operation industry and the retirement village operation industry.
03/04/2019Business structureConsolidation, demergers, international transactions, the lower company tax rate, professional firms, property and construction, R&D, SMSFs and trusts currently attract our attention.
03/04/2019GST and health guidelinesWe have updated our web guidance on GST-free supplies related to health.
03/04/2019Non-lodgmentWe focus on times when taxpayers avoid or delay payment of tax by non-lodgment of their tax return, FBT return or activity statement.
03/04/2019Tax crimeTo help you get things right, we regularly review and update entity types that attract our attention.
03/04/2019Transactions and taxesTransactions and taxes that attract our attention.