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18/01/2017Practical compliance guideline for offshore hubsPractical compliance guideline for offshore hubs has been published.
16/01/2017Excise beer clearance dataWeekly excise beer clearance data per product.
11/01/2017Option to reverse charge in the precious metal industryFrom 1 January 2017, business to business sales of precious metal including scrap gold can be, with agreement, reverse charged.
22/12/2016Do you import or export goods and services?If you have an import or export business read our tips to see how you can avoid making errors on your business activity statement.
20/12/2016Deductions and offsets for capital expenditurePrimary producers can claim deductions for capital expenditure incurred on landcare operations, connecting or upgrading mains electricity supply to the business, connecting or extending a phone line and creating shelterbelts on land used for primary production.