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09/12/2016Corporate tax transparency report for the 2014-15 income yearThis is the second annual report on corporate tax transparency, which informs the public debate about tax policy, particularly in relation to the corporate tax system.
09/12/2016Employer registration: Working Holiday MakersWorking holiday makers must be registered with us for working holiday makers withholding
09/12/2016Employers of working holiday makersWhat you need to do as an employer of working holiday makers.
01/12/2016Excise beer clearance dataWeekly excise beer clearance data per product.
23/11/2016Guide to self assessment for indirect taxesA guide to the self-assessment changes for indirect tax laws as a result of recommendations 19, 21 and 42 from the Board of Taxation review of the goods and services tax (GST) administration.
15/11/2016Super for employees working overseas - certificate of coverageIf you send an Australian employee to work temporarily in another country, and Australia has a bilateral social security agreement with the other country, you can apply for a certificate of coverage so you won't have to pay super in both countries.