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17/08/2017Consultation on public documentsDetails of public documents currently subject to, or planned to undergo consultation.
16/08/2017Setting the record straight on Single Touch PayrollThe ATO is aware of recent media commentary regarding the implementation of aspects of Single Touch Payroll. This commentary relates specifically to proposed changes to the process when an employee starts a job.
16/08/2017The cash and hidden economyWhen people or businesses deliberately hide income to avoid paying tax it's called the cash and hidden economy and it’s not fair. All Australians lose when there isn't enough money to fund important community services.
15/08/2017First year of income averagingA new message will appear on the notice of assessment for primary producers when it is their first year of income for averaging calculations. Find out what has changed.
15/08/2017More access to the Superannuation Clearing HouseIt’s now open to more small businesses, and coming soon to the Business Portal.
15/08/2017Partnership tax returns to be lodged using the PLSFrom 1 October there will be changes to how you lodge partnership tax returns. The practitioner lodgment service (PLS) will be the only electronic channel to lodge.
15/08/2017Privately owned and wealthy group (POWG) webinarsThis page lists information for POWG webinars.
15/08/2017Tax issues for trusts - tips and trapsYou should read this if you are a trustee or beneficiary of a trust.
14/08/2017Benefits of electronic records for small businessMany businesses still operate in a cash-only environment. We are contacting them about the benefits of going electronic.
14/08/2017Build on your existing FBT knowledgeWe’re hosting a free webinar to help you with fringe benefits tax questions.
14/08/2017Visa checks for DASP applicationsTo allow super funds to issue accurate Departing Australia superannuation payments (DASP), we are checking your clients' visa details. This will help your clients receive their correct entitlement.