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20/06/2019Do you provide benefits to your employees?Check if FBT applies to you.
20/06/2019FBTFringe benefits tax (FBT) rates and thresholds for the 2017–18 to 2019–20 FBT years.
20/06/2019New taxation ruling on religious practitioners and FBTWe’ve recently released a new ruling about the requirements for FBT exemption for benefits provided to religious practitioners.
19/06/20192019 SMSF annual return - guidance on new labelsGuidance on completing the new labels on the 2019 Self-managed super fund (SMSF) annual return.
19/06/2019ABNs - Do you know fact from fiction?A short video series to help business know fact from the fiction when it comes to Australian business numbers (ABNs)
19/06/2019Applying for Commonwealth Government contractsIf you tender for Commonwealth Government contracts over $4 million, you may need a statement of tax record from us.
19/06/2019Burning a hole in the illegal tobacco tradeGrowing and selling illegal tobacco robs the Australian community of vital funding and hurts honest businesses who are doing the right thing.
19/06/2019Closely held payeesInformation on the quarterly reporting concession for closely held payees
19/06/2019Common Reporting Standard reports due 31 JulyCommon Reporting Standard reports for 2018 are due to be lodged by 31 July 2019
19/06/2019Concessional reportingThere are a number of concessional quarterly reporting options available to help employers transition to STP
19/06/2019Don't forget your TINs - FATCA reporting requirementsFamiliarise yourself with reporting requirements for account holder US taxpayer identification numbers (TINs) if you are lodging FATCA reports.
19/06/2019Energy and Resources Working Group minutes 26 March 2019Minutes from the Energy and Resources Working Group meeting held 26 March 2019.
19/06/2019Family assistance paymentsMake sure your clients don't miss out on their family assistance payments. Find out what they need to do.
19/06/2019J5 making a differenceThe Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5) met in Washington, DC, to mark the one-year anniversary of the formation of the international alliance.
19/06/2019Micro employersInformation on the quarterly reporting concession for micro employers and their registered tax or BAS agent.
19/06/2019Online services for employeesShow your employees how the ATO's online services can help them to manage their tax and super.
19/06/2019Pop-up shopsFor Tax Time 2019 we will be hosting pop-up shops in 20 locations around the country. ATO staff will be able to show you how to manage your tax and super online.
19/06/2019Quarterly TBARs are due 29 JulyIf your SMSF reports transfer balance account events quarterly, the next lodgment date is 29 July.
19/06/2019SASG minutes 17 April 2019Information about the key topics discussed at the Superannuation Administration Stakeholder Group meeting 17 April 2019.
19/06/2019Seasonal and intermittent employersInformation on the quarterly reporting concession for seasonal and intermittent employers.
19/06/2019Stapled groups - Choice to apply transitional provisionsThis page outlines how to apply for the Stapled Groups transitional provisions for stapled groups. To make a valid choice for transitional relief, use ATO form NAT 75112.
18/06/2019Common Reporting Standard (CRS) - User Guide for the Small Reporter ToolThis guide is to assist reporters to prepare a Common Reporting Standard (CRS) report using our Small Reporter Tool v1.0.
18/06/2019Help your members get it right - personal super contributions deductionWe've updated our website to help your members understand what they need to do if they claim a personal super contribution deduction.
18/06/2019Personal super contributions deduction - help your members get it rightIf members of your SMSF intend to claim a personal super contributions deduction, they need to check they're eligible and notify the trustee before completing their tax return.
18/06/2019Submitting a non-lodgment adviceIf your clients are not required to lodge an income tax return, tell us before the lodgment due date so we can update our records.
18/06/2019Top 100 risk categorisation approachATO's approach to the top 100 clients with the largest impact on the tax system is based on our understanding of their risk position, circumstances, choices and behaviours.
18/06/2019Unreported 'cash in hand' payments to workers no longer tax deductibleThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) today reminded employers that any ‘cash in hand’ payments made to workers from 1 July 2019 will not be tax deductible.
17/06/2019From 1 July 2019Fuel tax credit rates from 1 July 2019.
17/06/2019PAYG withholding reporting obligations dueSMSFs must ensure they're meeting their withholding obligations and trustees need to remember to include pension income in their assessable income.
17/06/2019Peace of mind for property purchasersATO information for property purchasers about how they can rely on the information provided by suppliers (vendors) for transactions affected by GST at settlement.