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01/10/2020E-invoicing for governmentAdopting e-invoicing across all levels of government is good for the economy, helps us support small businesses, and improves our internal processing.
01/10/2020JobKeeper - timeline of content updatesA timeline of new and updated JobKeeper Payment information on ato.gov.au.
01/10/2020Multilateral InstrumentThe Multilateral Instrument swiftly modifies tax treaties to better address multinational tax avoidance and better resolve tax disputes.
01/10/2020Refresh your ABN detailsUpdate your ABN details so agencies can find you in emergency situations.
01/10/2020Work-related expensesIf you are claiming work-related expenses on behalf of your clients, make sure your clients claim everything they're entitled to – no more, no less.
30/09/20202020 Completed mattersThe list of consultation matters registered in 2020 that have been completed or actioned through other processes.
30/09/202080 hour threshold for employeesATO information on how to meet the 80-hour threshold for employees in the JobKeeper program.
30/09/2020Current year performanceWe publish information about how we are performing against our commitments to service. By doing so, we honour our commitment to transparent management, accountability for results and client-centred service delivery.
30/09/2020Final cash flow boost instalment now being creditedFrom 1 October, the final cash flow boost instalment will be credited when you lodge your activity statement.
30/09/2020Is your organisation contactable in an emergency?Emergency services and government agencies can use Australian business number (ABN) details to provide help to you in times of emergency. You should check your ABN details are current.
30/09/2020JobKeeper extension key datesThe JobKeeper Payment extension 1 started on 28 September. Here are some key dates you need to keep in mind.
30/09/2020Matters under consultationMatters we are consulting the community on, including their current status and purpose, who we are consulting, and when they are expected to be completed.
30/09/2020News and resourcesKeep up to date with the latest information and resources on e-invoicing.
30/09/2020Serious Financial Crime TaskforceThe Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT) is a joint-agency taskforce dedicated to tackling the most serious and complex financial crime.
30/09/2020Transfer balance capFrom 1 July 2017, there is a cap on the total amount of super that can be transferred into a tax-free retirement account, known as the transfer balance cap.
29/09/2020Home office expensesIf you're an employee who works from home, you may be able to claim a deduction for home office expenses.
29/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - AssyrianImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Assyrian.
29/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - Chinese simplifiedImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Simplified Chinese.
29/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - Chinese traditionalImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Traditional Chinese.
29/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - DariImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Dari.
29/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - KhmerImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Khmer.
29/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - VietnameseImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Vietnamese.
29/09/2020Key changesInformation about key system updates in Online services for agents and Access Manager.
29/09/2020Public Interest CertificatesPublic interest certificates issued by the ATO will be listed on this page.
29/09/2020Sole tradersATO information about the JobKeeper Payment scheme for sole traders.
28/09/2020Advising businesses through early engagementEarly engagement is available to help businesses manage their tax and super obligations.
28/09/2020Election to exclude government grants from turnover for charitiesComplete this form to elect to exclude government grants from the JobKeeper turnover test.
28/09/2020GST credits for costs relating to financial suppliesNew and updated information about GST credits for costs relating to transaction accounts and home loans for financial suppliers.
28/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - ArabicImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Arabic.
28/09/2020JobKeeper Payment - NepaliImportant information about the JobKeeper Payment in Nepali.