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26/09/2018Diverted profits tax guidance publishedDiverted profits tax (DPT) guidance was recently published. Affected clients and their advisors are encouraged to consider the suite of guidance products.
26/09/2018Thank you for your feedback on cryptocurrencyWe've listened and have updated our guidelines on cryptocurrencies.
25/09/2018CRT Alert 070/2018 - Compassionate early release of superThe administration of early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds has transferred to the ATO from DHS.
25/09/2018Fact sheets available for super housing measuresFact sheets are now available for the First home super saver (FHSS) scheme and Contributing the proceeds of downsizing into superannuation measure.
25/09/2018KiwiSaver scheme payment statement and instructions for APRA-regulated fundsThe KiwiSaver scheme payment statement authorises a complying APRA regulated super fund to pay the balance of a member's super interest to a KiwiSaver scheme under the Trans Tasman portability arrangement.
25/09/2018Online services for agentsOnline services for agents is the new channel we co-designed and are testing with you to access services you currently use in our portals.
25/09/2018Reminder: Fuel tax credit rates have increasedDon't forget to apply the new rates when you work out your claim.
25/09/2018Super functionality in Online services for agentsOnline services for agents due later this year will increase your visibility of superannuation obligations for your clients. Find out about the changes and take a look at our short video with some of the benefits.
25/09/2018We've updated our handover checklist for not-for-profit administratorsOur checklist can help you get organised when you are changing an administrator of your organisations tax affairs.
24/09/2018Administration issues under the transfer balance capActing Assistant Commissioner Tara McLachlan discussed administration issues under the transfer balance cap as part of an expert panel at the Tax Institute’s National Superannuation Conference.
24/09/2018Advice under development - income tax issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following income tax issues.
24/09/2018Advice under development - international issuesWe are developing advice and guidance on the following international issues.
24/09/2018Avoid five common GST reporting errorsWith some simple checks, you can help your clients avoid the top five errors made when reporting GST.
24/09/2018CRT Alert 068/2018 - Reporting ‘no longer unclaimed’ and ‘no longer lost’ accounts as USMReporting no longer unclaimed and no longer lost accounts using the USM statement via ECI.
24/09/2018CRT Alert 069/2018 - ATO Portal Internet Explorer and Safari browser issuesCurrent issue impacting AUSkey users accessing the ATO Portals when using Internet Explorer and Safari.
24/09/2018Matters under consultationMatters we are consulting the community on, including their current status and purpose, who we are consulting, and when they are expected to be completed.
24/09/2018Scam warning – are scammers impersonating you?A new scam method sees scammers pretend they are from the ATO, and try to trick your clients by impersonating you too. Warn your clients and let them know how to verify a call is legitimate, and not just scammers in disguise.
24/09/2018Scheduled ATO systems upgradeOver the next few weeks our systems will undergo a scheduled system upgrade where individuals will not be issued with determinations and large super funds may receive an increase in enquiries.
21/09/2018Excess transfer balanceThis information is for individuals who are receiving one or more superannuation income streams. It details what you have to do if you exceed your transfer balance cap.
21/09/2018Handover checklist for not-for-profit administratorsUse this checklist when your not-for-profit organisation is changing the administrator of its tax affairs, for example a treasurer, office bearer or employee involved in the tax administration of your organisation. The checklist will help your organisation hand over its tax affairs to the new administrator.
21/09/2018July 2018 key messages from the NFP stewardship group now availableRead about key messages from the 25 July 2018 Not-for-Profit (NFP) Stewardship Group meeting.
21/09/2018October and November 2018: remittance and recovery processing scheduleThe ATO super processing schedules for October and November 2018 are outlined here.
21/09/2018Planned consultationDetails of planned consultation and consultation we're considering.
19/09/2018Agent compliance and more - webcast recording available nowThe recording and transcript for the latest live Tax professionals conversations webcast is now available. On 12 September 2018, Assistant Commissioners Colin Walker and Andrew Watson joined our panel discussion covering a number of topics currently affecting the tax profession.
19/09/2018Trust and confidence in self-managed superannuation funds: our common purposeTrust and confidence in self managed superannuation funds our common purpose James O’Halloran, Deputy Commissioner, Superannuation, ATO Opening address to the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand National SMSF Conference Tuesday 18 September 2018