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22/01/2021A strong domestic tax regimeAustralia has a strong domestic tax regime applying to large corporate groups, underpinned by the general anti-avoidance rule (GAAR) and transfer pricing rules.
22/01/2021Catch up with us virtually at the ASFA conferenceWe will be attending the Australian Superannuation Funds Association (ASFA) virtual conference from 10 to 12 February 2021.
22/01/2021Key compliance risks for large corporate groupsNon-compliance in the large corporate groups population mostly results from a difference in the interpretation of the law or an error in applying it.
22/01/2021SMSF alerts and what triggers themLet your clients know that information included in their self-managed super fund (SMSF) annual return may trigger an alert to them to advise updates have been made to their SMSF details.
22/01/2021We assist and assure the tax compliance of large corporate groupsLarge corporate groups have multiple tax obligations. We're improving the system to give them more certainty and reduce corporate administrative costs.
21/01/2021Sale of propertyWe may send you a letter if we think you haven't reported sales of properties on your activity statements.
20/01/20212020 super funds survey results are inWe received a very strong response to our November 2020 survey. Your feedback will help us improve our services and engagement with you. Read about some of the themes, messages and comments we collated from the survey results.
20/01/2021Additional support during COVID-19Support with your tax obligations during COVID-19, including lodgment and payment options, varying your PAYG instalments or changing your GST reporting cycle.
20/01/2021COVID-19 changes - excisable alcoholExcisable alcohol arrangements we've had in place since March 2020 to support businesses affected by COVID-19 are now ending. Contact us if you need support.
20/01/2021Lodge SMSF annual returnsYou need to lodge an annual return once the audit of your SMSF has been finalised. The SMSF annual return is used to report income tax, regulatory information and member contributions, and to pay the supervisory levy.
20/01/2021Notify us of changesFind out how to make changes to your SMSF, including changes in trustees, directors of the corporate trustee, members, contact details or address and fund status.
20/01/2021SMSF registration statusThe Super Fund Lookup is updated on the first business day of every month and includes every SMSFs current compliance status.
20/01/2021Varying your PAYG instalments due to COVID-19Advice for taxpayers seeking to vary their PAYG instalments as a result of COVID-19.
19/01/2021FloodsIf you've been affected by flooding and need assistance, we can help you sort out your tax affairs.
18/01/2021AAT decision on backdated ABNsInformation on the AAT decision in Apted and Federal Commissioner of Taxation.
18/01/2021Boosting cash flow for employersWe will provide tax-free cash flow boosts between $20,000 to $100,000 to eligible employers to support them during the economic downturn as a result of COVID-19.
18/01/2021CRT Alert 002/2021 - Coronavirus early release of super - Changes to BDE processNotification to funds about the changes to the current BDE process.
18/01/2021Ensure your eligible clients retain SG amnestyYour clients who disclosed unpaid super and qualified for the super guarantee amnesty must pay any outstanding amounts or set up a payment plan and meet each instalment amount or be disqualified from the amnesty.
18/01/2021Motor vehicle registries - 2013-14 to 2021-22 financial years data-matching program protocolMotor vehicle registries – 2013–14 to 2021–22 financial years data-matching program protocol.
18/01/2021New guidance on applying market value substitution rules when there is a buy-back or redemption of hybrid securitiesWe have released a practical compliance guideline (PCG) on applying market value substitution rules (MVSRs) to the buy-back or redemption of hybrid securities.
18/01/2021Protecting your practiceCriminals will take any opportunity to steal valuable client, staff and employee information from your practice. Find out what steps you can take to make your practice more secure and what to do if this happens to you.
18/01/2021Tax crime prosecution case studiesOur latest prosecution outcomes demonstrate that people who deliberately cheat the tax system will be held to account.
15/01/2021PCG 2017/4 - Schedule 3 releasedPCG 2017/4 ATO compliance approach to taxation issues associated with cross-border related party financing arrangements and related transactions.
15/01/2021Preparing to lodge your SAR - are you due to lodge by 28 February?Some self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have a due date of 28 February for their SMSF annual return (SAR). Contact us if you don't think you can lodge on time.