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14/05/2021$40 million in illegal tobacco seized from QLD Toowoomba regionThe ATO has seized 25 tonnes of illicit tobacco by joining forces with Queensland Police in Linthorpe, Queensland.
14/05/2021Contact us about foreign investmentYou can use our dedicated channels to contact us about foreign investment in Australia.
14/05/2021Current year performanceWe publish information about how we are performing against our commitments to service. By doing so, we honour our commitment to transparent management, accountability for results and client-centred service delivery.
14/05/2021How much you need to payWork out how much income tax you need to pay by PAYG instalments if you pre-pay. You can use the instalment amount (option 1) or instalment rate (option 2).
14/05/2021How to reportThis page outlines the different methods for lodging a super transfer balance account report (TBAR) to ATO and how to correct a report.
14/05/2021PAYG instalment concessionFind out about easier reporting for PAYG instalments for small businesses.
14/05/2021Receiving member rollover requestsTo transfer the whole balance of a super account between APRA funds or to an SMSF, members can submit an electronic portability form (EPF) online.
14/05/2021SuperStream Rollover v3Supporting documentation to assist DSPs and APRA funds in implementing SuperStream Rollover v3.
14/05/2021Trustee Voluntary Payments - Reporting Period 17 to 28 May 2021A reminder for superannuation providers on the requirements for reporting Trustee Voluntary Payments during the period 17 to 28 May 2021.