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16/10/2018Industry assistance payments to taxi licence holdersWe want to help taxi licence holders (can also include hire car and limousine) understand their tax obligations if they receive an industry assistance payment in relation to that licence from a state or territory government.
16/10/2018Lodgment due date concessionsIf you think some of your clients may have missed out on your lodgment concession, wait until after 21 November to submit a deferral request.
16/10/2018Reportable tax position schedule - notifications and remindersThis article explains our notification and reminder process and provides a helpful hint on how to lodge your RTP schedule.
15/10/2018CRT Alert 073/2018 - Member account transaction service (MATS) reporting in the Business Portal - DownsizingFrom 10 October 2018, Downsizer and personal member contributions can be reported through the new Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) reporting form available through the Business Portal.
15/10/2018CRT Alert 074/2018 - Lost and unclaimed super - postcode data releaseWe will soon be releasing the latest figures on lost and unclaimed superannuation accounts, broken down by postcode. You may receive enquiries from your members.
15/10/2018CRT Alert 075/2018 - Super Services currently unavailableSuper services - SuperTICK, SuperMatch, MAAS and MATS are experiencing issues and are currently unavailable.
15/10/2018CRT Alert 076/2018 - Super Services updateSuperTICK, SuperMATCH, MAAS and MATS services are still unavailable.
15/10/2018CRT Alert 077/2018 - Update 2 - Super Services availabilityUpdate 2 - SuperTICK, SuperMATCH, MAAS and MATS services are still unavailable.
15/10/2018CRT Alert 078/2018 - Super Services restoredSuperTICK, SuperMATCH, MAAS and MATS services have been restored.
15/10/2018Our guidance on transfer pricing issues has been finalisedWe’ve recently issued the final version of Schedule 2 to Practical Compliance Guideline (PCG) 2017/1.
15/10/2018STP small employer webcast - 18 OctoberJoin us for a Single Touch Payroll (STP) webcast on 18 October 2018. We will discuss practical solutions to help you transition to STP.
15/10/2018Tips on getting your BAS rightQuick BAS tips for not-for profit businesses.