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Self-managed super fund Regulator's Bulletins

Learn about our Self-managed super fund regulators bulletins which provide updates on compliance risk arrangements.

Last updated 3 February 2019

We issue self-managed super fund (SMSF) Regulator's Bulletins to provide targeted and timely updates about new or emerging superannuation regulatory and income tax arrangements that pose potential compliance risks.

These bulletins are specifically designed for the SMSF sector. Our aim is to share our concerns early to help you make informed decisions about your self-managed super fund.

While SMSF Regulator's Bulletins do not provide an ATO view, if you apply the principles outlined in the relevant bulletin in good faith to your circumstances, we will administer the law in accordance with the guidance in that bulletin.

SMSF Regulator's Bulletins are published on our Legal database.

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