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Annual report and other reporting to Parliament

Our annual report is the main way we report to parliament, but we also report to several parliamentary committees.

Last updated 22 June 2023

We welcome parliamentary scrutiny as a significant and appropriate element of governance and a positive opportunity for constructive discussion.

Our annual report is the main way we report to parliament. We also regularly appear before several parliamentary committees, providing them with information and assistance and helping them understand how we administer the tax and super systems.

In addition, Senate Procedural Orders of Continuing Effect No. 12 contains file lists that are tabled before parliament and make the operations of government more transparent to the Australian public. We provide this information in response to requests and orders from parliament.

The ATO also reports annually on its performance in GST administration for the states and territories.

ATO staff participate in the Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census and we make the ATO results available. We also maintain a Gifts, hospitality or other benefits register, which we report on.

The ATO results from the 2023 Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census.

The ATO appears before parliamentary committees, providing information and assistance on tax and superannuation systems.

These reports are prepared as part of our reporting obligations under the GST Administration Performance Agreement.

Our annual report informs parliament, stakeholders and the community about our performance for the past financial year.