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Why we look at AUSTRAC data

Last updated 21 December 2022

AUSTRAC data is used widely in tax administration. It allows us to identify compliance risks including assessing registration, reporting, lodgment and payment obligations.

The data will be used to:

  • detect omitted income, such as    
    • foreign income not reported in lodgments
    • unexplained financial transactions not reported in lodgments
  • detect tax evasion or fraud risks, such as    
    • arrangements designed to conceal assets and income, in order to avoid paying tax
    • fraudulent access to government support such as the ATO-administered measures of the Commonwealth Coronavirus Economic Response Package and government grants
  • support analytical models to detect high risk activity and cases for potential administrative action.

We use AUSTRAC data to help identify more serious tax crime of high risk to the community and Australian revenue, including:

  • international tax crime
  • phoenix operations
  • identity crime
  • promoters of tax evasion schemes
  • organised crime
  • tax avoidance activity
  • shadow economy activity
  • refund fraud.