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How the data will be used

Last updated 4 July 2019

Under this data matching program DHA will provide overseas movement data for the HELP, VSL and TSL debtor population provided by the ATO.

The data will be used by the ATO to identify those HELP, VSL or TSL debtors that have left Australia and remain overseas. It is these HELP, VSL or TSL debtors that are subject to the obligations of registration, lodgment and/or repayment of their HELP, VSL or TSL debt.

The primary use of the data is to support voluntary compliance through successful targeting of communications and provision of self-help information.

By identifying HELP, VSL and TSL debtors to whom the HELP, VSL and TSL overseas obligations apply we will assess their status against ATO records and other data we hold to identify debtors that may not be meeting their registration, lodgment and/or payment obligations.

Where a taxpayer is correctly meeting their obligations, the use of the data will reduce the likelihood of contact from us.

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Previous programs

We have conducted this data matching program since 2017. The previous program covering the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 financial year financial years has broadly achieved its stated goals, including

  • Correct identification of new and existing HELP and TSL debtors who leave Australia or have already departed
  • successful targeting of communications, provision of self-help information and compliance activity to support the law change.

The reasons for conducting the HELP and TSL data matching program remain current.