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Residential investment property loan 2021–22 to 2025–26 data-matching program protocol

This protocol contains information on the residential investment property loan (RIPL) data-matching program.

Last updated 5 April 2023

Residential investment property loan data-matching program
Find out about the purpose and objectives of this program.

Residential investment property loan data
Find out about residential investment property loan (RIPL) data and what we do with the data we collect under the program.

Notifying the public of the data-matching program
Find out how we notify the public about this program.

Our lawful role
Find out what our legislated functions are.

Why we undertake data matching
Learn why we have data-matching protocols and the costs and benefits of data matching.

How we undertake data matching
Find out about the systems and processes we use in data-matching activities.

Data quality
Learn about our quality assurance processes and how we assure data is fit for use.