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  • Resolving disputes


    Many disputes involving information gathering arise because of simple misunderstandings. To help minimise misunderstandings, when possible we manage our information-gathering activities by:

    • gaining an understanding of your circumstances, what records you keep and how you keep them
    • working with you to obtain information in a mutually convenient format
    • clearly explaining why we need your information
    • discussing the due dates of our request for information with you
    • contacting you shortly after we send a request for information
    • having regular discussions with you on the progression of our information-gathering activities.

    If you have a dispute with us in relation to our information-gathering activities, you can expect that we will:

    • seek to identify the issues in dispute and resolve them as early and fairly as possible
    • engage our advisers and decision makers if needed
    • consider the cost of managing the dispute for both of us
    • manage disputes in a courteous manner
    • follow our principles for managing disputes
    • use alternatives to more formal dispute resolution approaches, where appropriate
    • ensure we obtain relevant information and evidence
    • ensure we litigate the right cases for the right reasons.

    View our Disputes policy for more about our principles for managing disputes.

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