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  • Access to information

    Access to information enhances transparency and increases trust and respect. We aim for greater openness and transparency about how we operate.

    This commitment to openness and transparency has its roots in the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). The FOI Act was created to give individuals and organisations the right to access documents we hold.

    Our FOI disclosure log lists publicly available documents released under freedom of information (FOI) access requests.

    Under the Information Publication Scheme (IPS), we publish a broad range of information on our website to help and promote prompt and easy public access to information. We also publish a plan that explains how we intend to implement and administer the IPS (an agency plan).

    If you become aware of a situation where you suspect serious wrongdoing such as fraud or other misconduct, and you are a former or current public official, you can report your concerns under the Public Interest Disclosure Scheme (PID scheme.)

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    You can get copies of your tax records from us by downloading, printing and completing the form Copies of tax documents request.

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