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How we report and meet our commitments

An overview of how we operate as the government's principal revenue collection agency.

Last updated 22 June 2023

As the government's principal revenue collection agency and a key part of the Treasury portfolio, the ATO reports on its outcomes to parliament, and its performance and decisions are subject to review by independent official scrutineers.

We also inform the community about the commitments we make and our performance in achieving them. We facilitate public access to information about how we operate in accordance with freedom of information principles and our strategies to foster willing compliance, which rely on transparency to engender trust and confidence.

We regularly consult with taxpayers as well as business and professional associations, who provide valuable feedback on how we operate and ways we can improve.

To effectively administer the tax and superannuation systems, the ATO is required to collect, analyse and share information, in accordance with the law, on the financial affairs of taxpayers and other participants in the Australian economy. In this we adhere to the law, respect the right to privacy and aim to be fair and professional.

See also

  • Dispute or object to an ATO decision if you
    • disagree with a decision we've made and would like it reviewed
    • need to ask for penalties or interest charges to be reduced or cancelled
  • Correct a mistake or amend a return if you
    • need to fix mistakes that we or you have made
    • want to tell us about previously undisclosed income, incorrectly claimed deductions or misleading statements you have made.