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Lodge and Pay Working Group

What the Lodge and Pay Working Group does, contact details, members and key messages from meetings.

Last updated 17 March 2024

The Lodge and Pay Working Group will help inform our understanding of issues and challenges regarding lodgment and payment and develop an approach to engage with tax agents and their clients including:

  • measures to shift to a positive payment culture and paying tax on time
  • measures to reduce the unsustainable levels of debt
  • communications to tax practitioners and the broader community
  • support and guidance products for tax practitioners
  • education and awareness of products and channels.


The secretariat of Lodge and Pay Working Group can be contacted by email at


Group membership details




Anita Challen (Chair), Lodge and Pay


Jacqui Marchment, Lodge and Pay


Lainie Alexander, Lodge and Pay


Michael Buscema, Lodge and Pay


Sylvia Gallagher, Lodge and Pay


Tina Ford-Doe, Individuals and Intermediaries

Australian Bookkeepers Association

Peter Thorp

Brilliant Admin Solutions

Kerrie Jarius

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Susan Franks

CPA Australia

Bill Leung

Growth Accounting

Larisa Hailey

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Matthew Addison

Institute of Public Accountants

Irwin Bushnell

McCann Financial Group

Phil McCann

Metropolitan Taxation Services

Keith Clissold

National Tax and Accountants Association

Rodney Wilson

Rainforest Bookkeeping Pty Ltd

Michele Grisdale

Small Business Financial Ops

Cate Kemp

The Tax Institute

Robyn Jacobson

Key messages

Key messages from meetings help in the last 3 years are available below.