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GST Stewardship Group

What the GST Stewardship Group does, contact details, members and key messages from meetings.

Last updated 15 October 2023

The GST Stewardship Group is one of the Stewardship groups operated by the ATO as a means of improving the client experience and administration of Australia’s taxation, superannuation and registry systems.

The group provides an opportunity for strategic discussion to develop and improve the administration and operation of the taxation, superannuation and registry systems into the future.

The group has a focus on:

  • identifying opportunities to improve the taxation and superannuation system, specifically the operation and administration of the GST system, to make it easy to get things right and hard not to
  • gaining insights into issues faced by taxpayers operating in the GST system to improve future approaches and processes
  • communicating key ATO messages to the broader GST community.


The secretariat of the GST Stewardship Group can be contacted by email at


Group membership details




Hector Thompson (Co-chair), International, Support and Programs


Andrea Wood, International, Support and Programs


Kath Anderson, Individuals and Intermediaries


Rajitha Srikhanta, Office of the Chief Tax Counsel


Rowan Fox, International, Support and Programs


Will Day, Small Business

Australian Banking Association

Chris Plakias

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Kevin O'Rourke

Corporate Tax Association

Stephanie Caredes

CPA Australia

Ken Fehily

Digital Service Providers Australia New Zealand

Matthew Prouse

Independent Member

Jennee Chan

Law Council of Australia

Rhys Guild

Property Council of Australia

Elke Bremner

RSM Australia

Sam Mohammad

Small Business Representative

Amanda Gascoigne (Co-chair)

The Tax Institute

Bastian Gasser


Emma Baudinette

University of New South Wales

Professor Michael Walpole

Wesfarmers Limited

Caryn Bovell

Key messages

Key messages from meetings held in the last 3 years are available below.

Regular meetings

For prior key messages, email the secretariat and specify what you require.