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Not-for-profit Stewardship Group

What the Not-for-profit Stewardship Group does, contact details, members and key messages from meetings.

Last updated 26 November 2023

The Not-for-profit Stewardship Group is one of the Stewardship groups operated by the ATO as a means of improving the client experience and administration of Australia's taxation, superannuation and registry systems. The group's focus is to:

  • gain insights into the issues not-for-profit organisations face
  • consider current and emerging issues around tax administration and law as they relate to not-for-profit organisations
  • identify opportunities in the tax, super and registry systems, that will make it easier for not-for-profit organisations and their representatives, to access concessions they are entitled to and to meet their obligations
  • partner with the not-for-profit community to find solutions to issues raised to improve the not-for-profit client experience
  • consult on new policy initiatives proposed by government
  • share key ATO messages with the not-for-profit community.


The secretariat of the Not-for-profit Stewardship Group can be contacted by email at


Group membership details




Will Day (Co-chair), Small Business


Jennifer Moltisanti, Small Business

Arnold Bloch Leibler

Joey Borensztajn

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Natasha Sekulic

Australian Council for International Development

Jocelyn Condon

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations

Ross Joyce

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Phil Butler

Charitas Law

Jae Yang

Charities and Not-for-profits Committee, Law Council of Australia

Seak-King Huang

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Susan Franks

Clubs Australia

Simon Sawday

Community Council for Australia

David Crosbie


Nunzio Giunta

HWL Ebsworth

Timothy Stokes (Co-chair)

Justice Connect

Geraldine Menere


Kaylene Hubbard

Philanthropy Australia

Sam Rosevear

The Dreaming Foundation

Anthony Ward

The Salvation Army Australia

John McIntosh

The Tax Institute

Bridgid Cowling


Jacky Rowbotham

World Vision Australia

Ben Scuteri

Key messages

Key messages from meetings held in the last 3 years are available below.

For prior key messages, email the secretariat and specify what you require.