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Lodgment Program Review Working Group key messages 14 June 2022

A summary of key topics discussed at the Lodgment Program Review Working Group meeting 14 June 2022.

Last updated 14 July 2022


Tina Ford has taken over the facilitator role and is the current Project Lead for the Lodgment Program Review.

Meeting summary

An update was provided to the Working Group, on the progress and issues discussed of the 3 primary focus groups:

  • Focus group 1 –Lodgment and payment pressure points
  • Focus group 2 – Exceptions (deferrals)
  • Focus group 3 – Access to the program, performance and management.

Position papers have been drafted providing background and issues as provided by agents to support the discussions. The papers are being updated regularly to expand on the captured issues, add additional considerations and any readily identifiable constraints.

Focus group 1 – 7 papers

  • Many suggestions and considerations have been raised so far from the pressure points discussed. These are well considered viewpoints which are being researched internally to assess impacts, risk, system impacts.

Focus group 2 – one paper

  • The exceptions focus group consider when the ATO should provide additional support, that is, what constitutes ‘exceptional and what the support should be. In doing so, the group is also considering changes to the current deferrals processes.

Focus group 3 – one paper

  • Is reviewing the overall management of the program, how we measure performance and how we support agents who are not meeting performance expectations.

Focus group meetings will continue throughout July. Papers will continue to be updated to provide further data and information as identified.

Lodgment Program Review Working Group meetings will be scheduled to provide updates and ensure transparency of each focus group with all registered members.