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Single Touch Payroll Employer Transition Working Group key messages 18 April 2023

Key topics discussed at the Single Touch Payroll Employer Transition Working Group 18 April 2023.

Last updated 3 May 2023

Key topics discussed at the Single Touch Payroll Employer Transition Working Group 18 April 2023


Chair, Chontelle Weyman welcomed members and attendees to the Single Touch Payroll (STP) Employer Transition Working Group (ETWG) meeting for April 2023.

Digital service provider update

Chontelle provided an update on digital service provider (DSP) readiness and testing, noting the following:

  • DSPs product readiness is progressing well with over 90% of products now being whitelisted for STP Phase 2 reporting. The remaining providers are in the final stages of testing their products.
  • A recent survey was conducted with providers regarding the continuation of the low cost/no cost register. The results of the survey are currently under consideration and will be shared in coming weeks.

Employer transition update

Chontelle provided the group an update on the Phase 2 employer transition and engagement activities noting we currently have over 80% employers reporting Phase 2 data for over 10.5 million individuals.

Correspondence and engagement update

Chontelle provided the group an overview of the Phase 2 employer communication activities that have occurred since the last meeting in March 2023, noting:

  • Multiple ‘Get ready’ and ‘Act now’ reminders have issued to employers during February and March to ensure they are aware of their Phase 2 obligations. A similar campaign will run again in May 2023.
  • We are supporting several tax time events. Our messaging will be shifting from encouraging employers transition to education on known reporting issues.
  • Agent client lists will now issue in August. This will ensure better accuracy of the lists post the employer onboarding peak expected between now and in the lead up to July 2023.

Other business

Chontelle reflected on the progress made by the group and the Phase 2 project, noting:

  • The ATO recognises the effort and contribution each member has made to the group by providing insights and by championing Phase 2 in the community.
  • Phase 2 has renewed employers focus on payroll accuracy.
  • We have invested heavily in providing substantial guidance resources to support employers in their transition to Phase 2.
  • The ATO has a robust consultation model and members are encouraged to participate in other forums if they would like to continue to contribute.

Chontelle expressed her gratitude to members for their participation and contribution to the group and closed the meeting.