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Tax Time Shareable Content Working Group key messages 21 April 2021

Summary of key topics discussed at the Tax Time Shareable Content Working Group meeting on 21 April 2021.

Last updated 7 June 2021

New products

Members discussed and reviewed three new products focusing on rental properties.

Work on updating web content for rental properties is currently being undertaken in readiness for Tax Time 21. Members were asked to review if the draft structure of the rental property pages are functional and if the updated content is suitable.

  1. Records for a rental property or holiday home.
  2. Rental expenses to claim.
    • Members were asked if the current listing of common expenses are helpful and if there are any expenses missing from the claim list.
    • Members were also asked if the claim list should be split into categories.
  3. Body corporate fees and charges poster.
    • The poster will form part of the tax time toolkit guidance material on the website. Members were asked to ensure the explanation on the poster clarifies when and how to access the claim.