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Cyber Security Stakeholder Group key messages 9 September 2021

Key topics discussed at the Cyber Security Stakeholder Group meeting 9 September 2021.

Last updated 3 September 2023

Tax practitioners board

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has seen an increase in reports from consumers losing money in crypto-asset (or cryptocurrency) scams as well as romance scams, where the scammer directs someone to an investment opportunity. Scam alert: ASIC sees a rise in crypto scamsExternal Link.

Scamwatch has reported they have seen a significant increase in Australians getting scam text messages about missed calls, voicemails, or deliveries. These text messages get you to click on a link or to download an app to track a delivery or hear a voicemail, however the app is fraudulent and is malicious software knowns as Flubot. Missed delivery, call or voicemial (Flubot) scamsExternal Link.

ATO Impersonation scams

Analysis of community reports saw an increase in local payment methods, including Cardless cash via ATM’s, gift cards (JB hi-fi, Coles, and Myer) and payments in person indicating money mule activity is happening on shore.

The ATO issued a scam alert to educate the community on the new scammer payment methods, encouraging clients who have paid money to a scammer through one of these local payment methods, or are concerned about their personal safety, to report it to their local police immediately and specify all the details.

We continued our involvement with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)Scam Technology Action Taskforce (STAT). Since the ‘Reducing Scam Calls’ industry code was introduced, Telco’s have blocked more than 214 million scam calls to Australian phone numbers.

STAT is also working to address Short Message Service (SMS) alfa-tag spoofing, with the intention to prevent scam SMS from appearing in a client’s legitimate SMS feed. It is expected that this will generate an update to the Reducing Scams Code late in 2021.

Australian Cyber Security Centre

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) encouraged members to become part of the ACSC’s partnershipExternal Link program to get access to cyber alerts, information and different learning and development programs

Additional ACSC links and discussion points shared with the group: