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Fringe Benefits Tax Stakeholder Group key messages 15 February 2023

Summary of key topics discussed at the FBT stakeholder group meeting of 15 February 2023.

Last updated 20 March 2023


The Chair opened the meeting with an acknowledgement of country.

Lodgment program review

Kath Anderson provided an update to the group on the lodgment program review.

The review has looked at issues associated with the practitioner lodgment program, specifically with regards to extended dates to spread the workload for practitioners, who face the pressure of short time frames and the extent of required record keeping.

Key points:

  • Fringe benefits tax (FBT) was one of 12 due date pressure points identified as part of the lodgment program review, 60 potential options were identified and investigated across the 12 papers.
  • Assessment of the options involved consideration of a range of factors including impacts on other obligations, government revenue, compliance outcomes.
  • Some proposals in relation to FBT were out of scope of the lodgment program including
    • aligning dates to 30 June or 31 December
    • an extension for self-preparers.
  • within scope
    • Alternative due dates in July or August are not viable with reportable fringe benefit amounts required on employees' payment summaries.
    • The focus is on improved communications to assist agents and employers understand requirements.
  • Once finalised, recommendations will be monitored by the Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group.

Annual review of the group

After seeking feedback from external members changes to operations to included:

  • duration of quarterly meetings increased from 1.5 hours to 2 hours
  • more streamlined process for raising issues for discussion
  • information shared will be considered public unless it is declared confidential or which members should reasonably know is confidential.

The amended group Charter will reflect these changes.

Action item

FBT Stakeholder Group Charter

Due date

28 April 2023



Action item details

Charter amended to reflect the changes.

Electric vehicles

The group discussed the following:

  • feedback from members on Electric Vehicles (EVs) issues was received
  • the EV fact sheet is soon to be released
  • home charging stations for EVs are viewed as a separate benefit
  • Also discussed was the issue of State government incentives and their impact on lease arrangements relating to EVs – which will be determined as more information comes to hand.

Action item

FBT and EVs

Due date

To be confirmed


FBT Stakeholder Group members

Action item details

Members to provide information regarding various state-based EV incentive schemes

Car parking

Group members raised issues for discussion, including:

  • identification of a commercial car parking facility
  • definition of 'members of the public'
  • market valuation approaches
  • employers with multiple branches

The group agreed to hold an extraordinary meeting in early March 2023 to discuss these and other related car parking, FBT issues.

Action item

Car Parking and FBT – extraordinary meeting

Due date

March 2023



Action item details

Meeting to be scheduled for early March to discuss car parking, FBT issues

Tax professionals' strategy

Group members were informed that the ATO will progress the strategy by presenting to tax agents and tax professionals at a series of Key Agent Program meetings. The aim is to communicate directly with tax agents, receive their feedback on blockers in engaging their employer clients in the FBT system and where possible, provide assistance to address those blockers.