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Fringe Benefits Tax Stakeholder Group key messages 19 December 2022

Summary of the key topics discussed at the Fringe Benefits Tax Stakeholder Group extraordinary meeting 19 December 2022.

Last updated 31 January 2023


The Chair opened the meeting with an acknowledgement of country.

Electric vehicles and FBT

The ATO presented a draft guidance document to the group for feedback and discussion. This document was informed by submissions from stakeholder group members, who flagged a range of issues relating to FBT and electric vehicles (EVs).

Multiple issues were discussed concerning the draft document, including:

  • bona fide leases
  • EV recharging costs
  • replacement batteries
  • road user charges
  • rolled up leasing arrangements
  • in-home charging infrastructure
  • charging infrastructure installed in workplaces.

External group members were invited to provide further written comment after the meeting.

Agenda Action item update

Action item

EV draft guidance – feedback

Due date

22 December 2022


Stakeholder group members

Action item details

Members to review ATO draft guidance and provide their feedback and comments