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Tax Profession Digital Implementation Group key messages 23 June 2021

Information about the key topics discussed at the Tax Profession Digital Implementation Group meeting on 23 June 2021.

Last updated 10 January 2022

Education and self-service

Optimising interactions through self-service channels

The ATO Corporate Plan identifies eight strategic initiatives. One of the strategic initiatives is to ‘Optimise interactions through self-service channels’. Members were provided with an overview of what the ATO are doing, hope to achieve and the engagement approach for working with the professions.

Members discussed the Optimising Interactions Initiative and were shown and discussed a presentation that outlined:

  • Overview of the vision, which focuses on making interactions easier by creating a more joined up, personalised end-to-end experience for individuals and small businesses including agents.
  • Directional shifts
    • content guides traffic and builds confidence to self-serve
    • fill in the gaps in the ATO’s self-service ecosystem
    • drive transition and adoption of self-service.
  • Partnering opportunities for tax professionals and digital service providers.

The discussion was aimed at obtaining information to inform the ATO focus and priorities. Member comments and suggestions were captured for consideration.

Tax practitioner digital education program

The intent of the program is to enable tax professionals to optimise their use of ATO digital services to improve productivity.

Members were provided with an update on the Video Pilot and discussed the forward work plan for the program.

  • A promotional video, and the first four instructional videos, have been published on ATOtvExternal Link.
  • The topics are clustered and aligned to the most appropriate delivery channels (videos, how to/did you know tips, webinars etc).
  • The intent is to ensure content is readily available where required and that more complex topics issues can be delivered using channels that result in a more considered and comprehensive manner.

Members were encouraged to identify any gaps and/or priorities and to provide feedback out of session. Member comments and suggestions were captured for consideration.

Improving Small Business tax performance

Tax Gap data confirms that the Small Business accounts for the largest tax gap. A part of the gap is driven by complexity, confusion or by the way tax may not fit into the management of the business.

The work is part of a wider strategy aimed at building greater assurance into systems data, digital and software systems, but is focussed on getting more from the tax system and using data to drive improvement in tax performance.

The key considerations for the ATO and program of work going forward include:

  • Working effectively with partners, early engagement, understanding where we can improve and how we can position ourselves to make the biggest difference.
  • How do the ATO understand and use data in a more purposeful way that promotes assurance and improves tax performance?
  • How do the ATO shift toward mature data sets that have a clear application intent?
  • How do the ATO use the data to improve the taxpayer experience that promotes better tax performance?
  • How can the ATO build more assurance into the system to minimise known areas of risk in a way the results in the usage and application?

Key characteristics of success will include improved tax performance, an increase in on-time interactions and delivery in a way that that helps small business and reduces red tape.

Tax time 2021 readiness

Members discussed Tax time 2021 preparations and updates.

Members were reminded about the agreed approach regarding the sending of alerts when an ATO system is experiencing degradation.

  • If the issue is having a significant impact on range of users a message will be distributed.
  • If the issue is not significant and not everyone is impacted, members will need to check on the dashboard to obtain system issue updates.

Activity statement/Pay as you go instalment notice update

An update was provided on the activity statement (AS)/pay as you go instalment (PAYGI) issues, with details being provided to members around the interim solution.

Members were reminded that the AS/PAYGI solution is intended to address and correct an issue. Updates on the progress of the solution will continue to be provided to members out of session.

Other business

No other items of business were raised for discussion.