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Individuals Stewardship Group key messages 10 October 2023

Key topics discussed at the Individuals Stewardship Group meeting 10 October 2023.

Published 16 November 2023

Opening comments

Andrew Watson introduced himself as the new Chair of the Individuals Stewardship Group. Andrew also introduced incoming Tax Time spokesperson Robert Thomson.


The current is being upgraded to a modern platform. The ATO is progressing towards the delivery of an updated website in early December 2023.

Public beta is due to commence in early November. The ATO encourages members to explore the updated website when it is available.

Members can access the updated website by clicking the link in the banner at the top of the existing landing page. The link can be used to switch between the current and the updated website.

The ATO welcomes feedback during public beta. There is a survey in the banner at the top of the updated website.

School education program

The ATO’s vision is for every Australian to understand and value our taxation and superannuation systems. Through education, we aim to increase sustainable client engagement and participation and bring about positive behavioural change.

Research commissioned by the ATO shows young people have been leaving school without sufficient education in tax and super. Prior to 2023, it was not mandatory for tax and super to be taught in Australian schools.

In 2022, tax was included in the Australian curriculum for year 8 and superannuation for year 10. From 2023, each state and territory will progressively adopt and adapt the new curriculum. The ATO's vision is that 50% of Australian schools will teach tax and super in their curriculum by 2024.

The ATO has worked with teachers to develop tax and super resources for primary and secondary schools. The content is mapped to the curriculum and is interactive with lesson plans for both online and paper activities.

The primary school resource Paying It Forward focuses on teaching values and actions to help establish strong foundations for learning more about tax and super in later years.

The secondary school resource Tax, Super + YouExternal Link is a complete learning management system and includes fun, animated and interactive elements designed to appeal to students.

Environmental scan

Treasury has published several reports on behalf of the Australian Government, namely the Measuring what matters statement, the Employment white paper –working future, and the 2023 intergenerational report.

Securing Australians' superannuation consultation paper gives industry and stakeholders an opportunity to provide input on implementing payday superannuation and a redesigned compliance framework to encourage employers to pay their super as close as possible to payday. All interested parties are encouraged to provide input on the consultation paper by 3 November 2023. Subject to the passage of legislation, the Securing Australians’ Superannuation package will commence from 1 July 2026.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has developed Money tips in other languages to help culturally and linguistically diverse audiences, especially new settlers, to understand how money works in Australia.

Tax Time 2023 is concluding and clients are reminded to lodge their tax return or engage the services of a registered tax agent by 31 October 2023.

Non–government members were asked to provide insights on issues and drivers their organisations are experiencing. Scams and digital literacy were a common theme. Members reported a sustained increase in demand and wait times to access their services. Clients are having trouble managing online interactions, are vulnerable to scams, and are experiencing unmanageable cost of living pressures.


Attendees list




Andrew Watson (Chair), Individuals and Intermediaries


Melanie Casey, Individuals and Intermediaries


Robert Thomson, Individuals and Intermediaries

AMES Australia

Chris Pierson

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Benjamin Law

Australian Shareholders Association Limited

Eden Zanatta

Financial Counselling Australia

Lody Stewart

National Seniors Australia

Brendon Radford

People with Disability Australia

Samantha French

Real Estate Institute of Australia

Jock Kreitals

Tax Clinic

Connie Vitale


Douglas Watkin

Guest attendees

Guest attendees list




Deb Namgyal, ATO Corporate


Jim Kirko, Client Account Services


Kathryn Anderson, Individuals and Intermediaries


Liana Harrington, Individuals and Intermediaries


Matthew Sykes, Lodge and Pay


Nicki Pittendreigh, ATO Corporate


Ross Edwards, ATO Corporate


Tania Yeowart, Superannuation and Employer Obligations


Vic Mazzone, Individuals and Intermediaries


Apologies list




Annie Ferguson, Client Account Services


Sylvia Gallagher, Lodge and Pay


Trevor Schloss, Superannuation and Employer Obligations

Federation of Ethnic Communities' Council of Australia

Beth Hall

Financial Counselling Australia

Carmel Frankin

First Nations Foundation

Phil Usher


Bede Fraser