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How to raise a matter for consultation

The ATO encourage you to raise a matter for consultation. This does not include individual, taxpayer-specific issues.

Last updated 25 April 2023

We consult with the community on:

  • government initiatives likely to have a substantial impact on the community
  • significant public advice and guidance where the law to be addressed is complex, sensitive, or may have a significant impact
  • major administrative changes impacting systems or process that directly affect taxpayers.

We encourage members of professional associations to discuss matters of concern with their associations before raising them with us.

Individual, taxpayer-specific issues are not matters for consultation. For more information, Contact us.

If you identify something that may require consultation with members of the public, email us at

Assessing your matter for consultation

You will receive an email confirming we have your suggestion. We will assess your suggestion against the ATO consultation framework and our consultation principles and may contact you to seek additional information or clarify some aspect.

If your suggestion does not meet the requirements for consultation we will:

  • advise you why it is unsuitable
  • direct you to the appropriate area for resolution or advice.

If your suggestion does meet the requirements for consultation, we will advise you of when we plan to undertake consultation.