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7 Transitional

Last updated 25 October 2023

7.1 FATCA reporting of U.S. TINs

The information required to be reported by an RFI includes the U.S. TIN of each specified U.S. person that is an account holder and, in the case of a non-U.S. entity with one or more specified U.S. persons who are controlling persons, the U.S. TIN of each controlling person. Notwithstanding this reporting requirement, before 2017, an RFI was not required to report a U.S. TIN for a Pre-existing Account if the U.S. TIN was not in the reporting RFI’s records.

The IRS has advised by Notice 2017-46 (PDF, 57.3KB)This link will download a file that it will not consider an RFI as being in significant non-compliance with the obligations under the FATCA Agreement solely because of a failure to obtain and report each required U.S. TIN, provided that the RFI:

  • obtains and reports the date of birth of each account holder and controlling person whose U.S. TIN is not reported
  • requests annually from each account holder any missing required U.S. TIN, and
  • before reporting information that relates to calendar year 2017 (to the ATO), searches electronically searchable data maintained by the RFI for any missing U.S. TINs.

An RFI that has been unable to collect a U.S. TIN for a U.S. reportable account must, for 2018 calendar year reports due to be lodged by 31 July 2019, use nine capital As (AAAAAAAAA) to populate the US TIN data element. Nine zeros is no longer acceptable for that year or later years.

U.S. TINs will be mandatory for individuals and Controlling Persons when reporting on the 2020 and subsequent years.