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Mapping for topic 1

Last updated 8 July 2020

The following maps Paying It Forward, Year 3 and Year 4, Topic 1: Belonging and inclusion to the Victorian syllabuses.

Mapping for topic 1 level 3


Speaking and listening

  • Listen to and contribute to conversations and discussions to share information and ideas and negotiate in collaborative situations and use interaction skills, including active listening and clear, coherent communications (VCELY275) – activities 1, 2, 3, 6

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Mapping for topic 1 level 4


Speaking and listening

  • Interpret ideas and information in spoken texts and listen for key points in order to carry out tasks and use information to share and extend ideas and use interaction skills (VCELY307) – activities 1, 2, 3, 6

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Mapping for topic 1 levels 3 and 4

Civics and citizenship

  • Investigate why and how people participate within communities and cultural and social groups (VCCCC006) – activity 4
  • Describe the different cultural, religious and/or social groups to which they and others in the community may belong (VCCCC007) – activities 2, 4

Health and Physical Education

  • Examine how success, challenge and failure strengthen personal identities (VCHPEP088) – activity 2
  • Examine how participation promotes a connection between the community, natural and built environments, and health and wellbeing (VCHPEP096) – activity 4

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Mapping for topic 1 general capabilities

Levels 3 and 4

Personal social capability

Self-awareness and management

Development of resilience

  • Identify personal strengths and select personal qualities that could be further developed (VCPSCSE017) – activities 2, 3

Social awareness and management

Relationships and diversity

  • Examine the similarities and differences between individuals and groups based on factors such as sex, age, ability, language, culture and religion (VCPSCSE020) – activity 2
  • Identify the importance of including others in activities, groups and games (VCPSCSE022) – activities 2, 3

Intercultural capability

Cultural diversity

  • Explain the role of cultural traditions in the development of personal, group and national identities (VCICCD007) – activity 2
  • Identify how understandings between culturally diverse groups can be encouraged and achieved (VCICCD008) – activity 2

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