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Tax, Super + You

Tax, Super + You is a free curriculum-aligned teaching resource that can be used in secondary schools or at home.

Last updated 22 May 2024

Features of Tax, Super + You

Tax, Super + You is designed to provide teachers and parents with practical resources to help students in Years 7-12 understand the value of tax and superannuation, and have confidence when entering the workforce.

Watch: Tax, Super + You – Preparing kids for life

Media: Tax, Super + You – Preparing kids for life Link (Duration: 00:00:50)

We worked with the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA) to map Tax, Super + You to the Australian curriculum. The resource primarily supports the curriculum in the learning areas of:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education.

The key features include:

  • hundreds of fun, animated and interactive resources designed to appeal to students that can be used as standalone activities or incorporated into teaching and learning programs, such as  
    • videos
    • engaging digital interactives
    • calculators and quizzes
  • curriculum-aligned activities complete with resources and suggested activity sequences to support teachers in preparing and delivering learning 
  • a 'work ready' course developed to help students feel confident about tax and super when they start their first job
  • a Learning Management System that allows teachers to manage and monitor student learning.

Using Tax, Super + You

Tax, Super + You can be used by:

  • students – to learn about tax and super at their own pace
  • teachers – to assign classroom activities
  • parents – to located information to help improve their children's financial literacy.

Go to Tax Super + YouExternal Link, register for a free account, and access the resource.

Tax, Super + You competition

The Tax, Super + You competition is a fun way for students in Years 7–12 to get creative while learning about tax and super. It's also an engaging way to include the Tax, Super + You resources in classroom lesson plans.

The competition has two entry categories, Junior (Year 7–9) and Senior (Year 10–12). Students are asked to develop projects that highlight their entry topics in creative ways.

By entering the competition, not only will students learn about tax and super, they also have a chance to win prizes for themselves and their schools.

The competition runs between June and September. Keep an eye out for more details on Tax, Super + YouExternal Link.

Feedback and more information

We welcome feedback about Tax, Super + You and any suggestions you have, so we can improve the resource.

For more information, including updates and participating in teacher professional development, email us at