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Strategic direction

We are driven to effectively manage and shape the tax and super systems that support and fund services for Australians.

Last updated 25 July 2023

We aim to effectively manage and shape the tax, superannuation and registry systems that support and fund services for Australians.

Our vision is to be a leading tax, superannuation and registry administration, recognised for our contemporary service, expertise and integrity.

We build community confidence by:

  • sustainably reducing the tax gap over time
  • providing assurance across the tax, superannuation and registry systems
  • designing systems that make it easy to comply and hard not to.

Our technology and digital services offer a reliable, secure and contemporary client experience where we use data, information and insights to inform and support decision making. Our online and personal interactions are well designed, tailored and fair.

In 2023–24 the ATO will continue to support the economic wellbeing of the Australian community. Our priorities include:

  • Implementing integrated prevention, detection and treatment strategies to improve and assure tax performance.
  • Continuing to strengthen our cyber capability and safeguarding ATO-held data.
  • Delivering modernised business registry services for business and strengthening the integrity of the registry system.
  • Strengthening our focus on client protection to reduce fraud and improve system integrity.
  • Continuing to expand the use of Single Touch Payroll data to simplify and increase compliance across employer reporting obligations.
  • Delivering on government priorities, including through our funded taskforces and our contribution to and implementation of new measures.
  • Leveraging targeted strategies to address collectable debt growth.
  • Ensuring that our high-performing workforce has the right capability, tools and culture to respond to organisational priorities.

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The ATO digital strategy is helping shape the future of the tax and superannuation systems towards full digitalisation.

We help and influence taxpayers to participate fully in tax and superannuation systems to meet their obligations.