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ATO digital strategy

The ATO digital strategy is helping shape the future of the tax and superannuation systems towards full digitalisation.

Last updated 27 July 2023

Now more than ever, digitalisation is transforming the way people interact within the complex and largely digitised networks that make up our modern society. The ATO recognises the need to drive and shape the future of the tax and superannuation systems to keep pace with this rapidly evolving digital landscape. We aim to enable an ecosystem where registry services are streamlined, and tax and super 'just happen'.

By continuing to embrace the opportunities provided by today's digital technologies, innovations, partnerships and strong digital take-up in the community, we can build on the foundations we’ve already laid to further digitalise our business and deliver the best experience to the community and our staff.

Our digital strategy focuses on the 4 key pillars that form the basis of our efforts for the next 3 years. This will ultimately allow us to achieve our vision for the ATO 'to be a leading digital business shaping trusted and effective digital services and ecosystems'. Importantly, this will enable our aspiration to be fully digitalised by 2030.

Read the ATO digital strategy 2022–25.

You can also download the PDF version ATO digital strategy 2022–25 (PDF, 730KB)This link will download a file

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