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Research and statistics

We undertake research and statistically analyse the information on tax returns and other forms and publish the results.

Last updated 23 September 2020

We undertake research to help us understand what people think about our services and products and the way we administer the tax and superannuation systems. We also statistically analyse the information you provide us on tax returns and other forms, and publish the results.

Students, researchers, tax professionals and other government agencies also find our data useful. Government agencies can access some of our data in certain circumstances. This allows them to compile and publish additional tax-related statistics.

Taxation statistics is our key statistical report, produced annually. We also provide statistical information in other reports.

Participation in our research is voluntary. If you participate, you have rights and your privacy is protected. We do not identify individuals or their responses.

We welcome feedback and regularly review what statistics users want.

Data we collect as the government's principal revenue collection agency and administrator of Australia's super system.

Before you participate in any survey, discussion group or interview, you can check here that it's really our research.

Access our research and statistical publications.