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Taxation statistics 2021–22

Taxation statistics 2021–22 shows statistics from tax returns and related schedules for the 2021–22 income year.

Published 13 June 2024

It is the ATO's most comprehensive statistical publication, and covers:

This publication also includes information relating to the 2022–23 financial or fringe benefits tax year, including:

The full list of topics is available at Statistics. You can also read about how to navigate taxation statistics.

Changes this year include:

  • the inclusion of Statistical Area 4 (SA4) in two of our postcode detailed tables for individuals
  • the addition of a new detailed table, relating to Attributable Managed Investment Trusts (AMITs) data in our Trusts section

We encourage feedback on how we present this information and what we include. Please emails your suggestions to us at Link.

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