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Taxation statistics 2011–12 tables

Last updated 23 September 2020

Income tax returns and CGT tables

An overview of the information reported on the income tax returns of individuals, companies, funds, partnerships and trusts, as well as the capital gains tax reported by individuals, companies and funds.

GST, FBT, Excise and other taxes

Summary data on the Goods and services tax, Fringe benefits tax, Excise, Wine equalisation tax, Luxury car tax, Petroleum rent resource tax and Fuel schemes.

Pay as you go withholding and instalments

Who withholds tax (and how much) from certain payments or transactions, such as salaries or wages, and who pays instalments during the year towards their expected tax liability.

The cost of taxation compliance

A snapshot of the average time taken to complete various income tax return forms.


An overview of registered charities in Australia and the tax concessions they are entitled to.

The superannuation system

An overview of aspects of the super system administered by the ATO.

Taxation statistics 2011–12 detailed tables

More detailed information, generally in the form of Excel spreadsheets.