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Excise and fuel schemes

Last updated 23 September 2020

The data for this section relates to liabilities for the most recent financial year.

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Excise and fuel schemes summary chart

Chart 17: Excise duty by source, 2017–18 financial year

Chart 17 shows the distribution of excise duty by source for the 2017–18 financial year. Petrol 26.8%, Diesel 48.7%, Other petroleum products 7.5%, Crude and Condensate 1.6%, Beer 8.8%, Ready to Drink (RTD) 4.1%, Spirits 2.5%. The link below will take you to the data behind this chart as well as similar data back to the 2009–10 financial year.

To access the data for this chart, as well as similar data back to the 2009–10 financial year, download Snapshot table 5External Link from

Excise and fuel schemes detailed tables

Table 1External Link: Excisable products and excise liabilities, 2003–04 to 2017–18 financial years

Table 2External Link: Monthly beer excise, 2011–12 to 2017–18 financial years

Table 3External Link: Beer clearances, by volume, 2003–04 to 2017–18 financial years

Table 4External Link: Fuel tax credits scheme – claims paid, by broad and fine industry, 2006–07 to 2017–18 financial years

Table 5External Link: Product stewardship for oil program and Cleaner fuels grants scheme – benefits paid, 2001–02 to 2017–18 financial years

Table 6External Link: Historical excise rates, August 2000 through to February 2019