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Industry benchmarks

Last updated 23 September 2020

Industry benchmarks are key financial ratios calculated from information provided to us on tax returns and activity statements. Presented as financial and activity statement ratios, they can be used by tax professionals to:

  • analyse business activity and performance
  • identify those that vary significantly from the averages.

We have benchmarks for individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts, as well as benchmarks that combine this data together into the one set of ratios.

Two sets of ratios are produced for each level of industry – broad industry, fine industry and business industry code, based on the industry codes provided to us on tax returns. The first set of ratios includes all entities, while the second set includes profitable businesses only. Some tables are further divided by business status (newly commenced business or established business), while others are broken down by ranges of business income.

For each sub-population, we show the number of entities, as well as both an average and median ratio.

Along with the industry benchmarks, we also produce a set of small business benchmarks. These benchmarks are similar, but with a range of key benchmarks for small businesses whose turnover is up to $15 million.

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