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Tax crime case studies

Our tax crime case studies demonstrate our firm action against those who try to cheat or evade the tax and super system.

Last updated 19 December 2019

While most Australians do the right thing, some people deliberately try to commit fraud and cheat the tax system.

The case studies show how we are cracking down on those who commit tax crime.

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These case studies show how the Phoenix Taskforce is working together to disrupt illegal phoenix activity.

Our case studies show we're dealing with organised criminals who cost the community billions of dollars in lost revenue.

As the lead of the Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT), the ATO is committed to combatting serious financial crime.

Our tax crime prosecution case studies show that people who deliberately cheat the tax system will be held accountable.

Case studies that demonstrate how we prevent, detect, disrupt and bring the perpetrators of financial crime to account.

Our case studies show how we're disrupting organised criminals involved in the serious offence of illicit tobacco.