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Commissioner's foreword

Last updated 11 November 2010

Michael D'Ascenzo

This is the story of an institution that has contributed to a country's past, and helped secure its future.

It is a story involving many people - those who worked inside the organisation, and those in the broader landscape, including all the people, and their agents, that live or invest in this country. It is about changes in our society. It is about a tax administration respected around the world, and with a proud history of integrity and public service. It is about how the ATO has adapted over time, and the energy and innovation, trials and tribulation that involved.

The ATO's role has grown to meet the needs of a modern and dynamic Australia. Today the ATO is not only the Australian Government's principal revenue agency, it is also a large payer of government funds. The ATO also administers major elements of our superannuation system that secures retirement income for Australians, and we are the custodian of the Australian Business Register that helps to make Australia more efficient.

In our centenary year, the ATO has the opportunity to explore fresh ideas, embrace new technologies and new thinking, and to strengthen partnerships with the community.

This book shows why our people are at the heart of this organisation, and why the ATO's people work for the wellbeing of Australians.

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Michael D'Ascenzo
Commissioner of Taxation
and Registrar of the Australian Business Register